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Living with Anxiety
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Bad weeks

Does anyone else feel okay and "normal" for a few days and then have bad weeks of pure anxiety. I have it constantly. It'll be anxiety mixed with a few actaul attacks. This week has been hell and I feel like I am having constant anxiety 24/7. I am on depression meds and take a xanax but nothing seems to be working. I have done nothing but lay in bed when I'm not working and I feel miserable. Help

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I know how you feel.... I was doing great for a few weeks last year. But since the new year I have felt awful. I am scared about going to the doctor... Scared about going to work. Anxious about everything. I have terrible health anxiety at the moment and I feel like it is taking over my life... What sort of problems are you having? I have just found this forum tonight and i think It is helping me a little bit tonight reading all these comments, knowing that I am not alone. As I feel so alone at the moment. I haven't told anybody my problems with my health anxiety as I am afraid to address it. I hope that you begin to feel a little better soon. I just take propranolol at the moment but I don't think it is helping. I was on mirtazapine but it gave me terrible restless leg syndrome... Have you seen a counsellor before.? I did see one last year and am thinking of going back to her. Talking about it does help don't you think!?



I think a lot of people will relate to what you have said by having a few good days followed by bad weeks , I think it is part of over coming anxiety & the weeks will get less in time & the good days will get more :-)

You are taking meds ?

Do you feel they are working for you , it could be worth going back to see your doctor & having a word with them about how you are feeling they may adjust or change your medication

Take Care x


Thank you. It just sucks when you feel okay and then it hits you. Had a good cry and that Definitly helped haha. I do need to get on different meds because I feel like my citalopram just isn't working for me. Scheduling an appointment today.


I have to add on to other posts on this thread I was doing OK but this week it has all come back again.. anxious depressed got a 'thing' about Sundays.. I know I will live it for the rest of my life as had this many times before and it will go.. I keep telling myself to breath and know it will pass and am trying to let things go and do as little as possible .. good luck all no your certainly not alone in this xx


I live anxiety 24/7 even wage up nite thinking having heart attack head awful .. yes gd take pills help you ..me I can't so having notjing help me just wanted add this but do hope u feel better soon . As I now wgats it like to like every one who a suffer :)


I'm the same right now. Have you tried exercise? Give it a try. Natural endorphins released when exercising make u feel a lot better.

Good luck

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I'm defenitly going to try exercise. Thank you!


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