gerd and breathing

My anxiety has been way better lately, but one thing I've noticed is that when my gerd acts up then my anxiety does. I have not been able to sleep because I've been feeling like I'm not breathing right. I take my oxygen and pulse. My oxygen is 98 and my pulse is 65.. I don't get this. I guess it's from the discomfort of acid reflux, but my mind will start thinking of multiple scenarios and that makes me feel like it is something more serious.

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  • I get that way to it does make the anxiety worse

  • Then you wake up in the morning still feeling the gerd

  • Yes I do

  • Have you tried omeprazol? Have been on it for ages and I find it really works well, I have no gerd now, ask your GP about it..

  • Yes I have. I am on my 3rd gerd medication.

  • Hi im exactly the same but not sure if its gerd cos it feels different to acid reflux. Could u explain what symptoms u get with gerd.

  • I have heard of different symptoms with gerd. With mine I will have flare ups and it feels as if Im getting a chest cold and there is a very uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of my esophagus.

  • The omeprazol medication has stopped the heartburn, but sometimes feel a sore chest as I walk down the road for a few minutes, but soon goes off. I wonder if it's connected to my past heartburn attacks?

    Is gerd connected to anxiety then? I have suffered with anxiety for a long time, with the butterfly's in the stomach feeling, but have always worked through it until recent years.

    Stomach always feels worst early in the morning on waking, who else feels this? It just makes me feel so rough that not up for doing anything....😖

  • Could i ask do u get trapped wind anywhere

  • Hi could i ask do u get trapped wind with it. I belch alot as well but i have done that for years. I feel like got trapped wind in my back and when i pass wind or poo it releases it. It worries me. What meds are u on?

  • Yes I do, from both ends.. But don't actually get painful trapped wind.

    On omeprazol, statins, & BP meds.

    I don't think these help with stomach upsets...

  • Im going to see doctor tomorrow see if he can swap meds im on lanzoparazol and its not doing a thing to help. Thankyou for replying

  • I dont get trapped wind either but I do get trapped food when eating sometimes. The doctor said thats a major symptom of gerd.

  • I forgot to add, my wife gets painful trapped wind which causes backache , so seems normal to get backache with it, so although it's a nuisance try not to worry about it.

    She also gets anxiety, so may all go hand in hand with stress...

  • I have the exact same problem! I have gerd as well and when it acts up I always feel as if I cant breath which triggers my anxiety then its ten times worse. Ive had blood work and x-rays on my lungs several times and doctors say everything looks fine. But in my mind its something more serious which also makes my anxiety worse. Its a horrible feeling.

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