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Test Results are in

Second round of blood test have come back normal. My doctor told me the first test was wrong and my salt level is normal, 5.1 is my level. Also we spoke about maybe going on medication for anxiety but he and I feel I can cope with it and maybe in a few months try some pills to help me. I am glad I am normal, liver is normal too. He did say anxiety is horrible and he can understand how I am feeling :)

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That is brilliant news you must feel really relived :-)

So pleased everything has turned out good for you :-)

Take Care x

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Hi take the natural way if your Doctor said you can ride out .. Eat healthy stay away from sugars wheat flour dairy and breads eat more fruits veggies and turkey chicken fish etc... Try juicing for a bit tjey say it helps I with anxiety I'm going to start in a few days so far I've Cheever my diet and now stopes my meds after around 3minths on Buspar and 4 months on taking Klonopin but only on a. Need to take emergency basis I have the time and dates I took and the amounts the Klonopin taking that day ... Which never exceeded 1mg all the way down to 0.125mg no continuous days more like every three or four maybe even a week or more at low doses ... But of of course my psychiatrist knew of everything ... I'm glad all test came back normal now it's time to take charge and show anxiety who is in control ... God Bless always pray it helps a lot and see a therapist if you have too that also helps

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