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Living with Anxiety
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Itching - All Over - Driving me mad

I am going mad. When I found out my salt level was high I started feeling itchy all over. My skin feels bumpy like I've got spots and I am itchy. My eyes look normal (not yellow) and skin looks normal too (not yellow) but I am worried. I'm off for a blood test this morning so I might ask for some advice. Is being itchy normal for Anxiety ?

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Anything is normal with anxiety! HA is the worst as every thought is a major health problem.

Note how you say 'when I found out my salt level was high I started feeling itchy all over'. So you didn't feel itchy before you found out your salt level was high.

I'm no doctor but having had HA for many years, it's just how my mind would work.

Find out something then find a 'symptom' to add to it.

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I hate HA so much but I know when this blood test comes back, they will tell me everything and I will be ok. Cutting down on junk food has become an obsession now but it's hard to do but I need to do it



I read your post about your salt levels and I replied and I no that when we have anxiety how much we worry but remember they said " Slightly " not that it was through the roof but I again no when we have anxiety they only have to say " Slightly " and we hear it that that means through the roof to us because of our anxiety

I have had itching before when I have been anxious , nearly drove me mad when it has started at times but it does go again

Hope you get some advise today and the blood tests come back ok :-)

Take Care x


Thanks everyone. I know it's my mind and in my last blood tests my liver was checked and it was normal so that's good. I've had itching before and it went away but I've booked an appointment next Monday to see my doctor and will ask him about it if it's not gone away :)


Let us know how you get on :-) x


The itching has stopped apart from over my eye lol. I think work is helping me to take my mind off it so that's good. I am trying not to worry about it and let my mind be busy with work and other things


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