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Hi all!

Hi all. Not posted on the SA Federation before. Hoping to meet some new people and have good chats :)

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for around 11 years now. It is very up and down, but in July it re surfaced and it was worse than ever. I went to see a GP & got prescribed pills, but this time around they did not help me. I have been put on a waiting list for CBT, and was told it wouldn't be a long wait, but it is around 3 months now.

At the moment things aren't too bad. I have my days. I have a lot of upheaval and am in the middle of moving home, but I am trying not to be defeated! I have had to leave my job which I only started in August because I'm moving out of the area. My job played a huge part in helping me get better. Now I suppose I'm frightened to death waiting for it to start all over again. Hopefully it won't. I also wonder what will happen with me being on the CBT waiting list? As I'm moving, does that mean I will be put to the bottom of a different list. Not quite sure how it works.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you are all well :) xxx

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Hey Loo

So good to see you've made it over:))

You have a similar back story to me, mine resurfaced in March and like you was worse:(

I was put on propranadol but I came off them as they made me worse than ever. I now use mindfulness and read a lot on depression and anxiety.

I've been waiting to see someone for 8months!

Not ideal I know but I've making sure I keep busy . It's important to look after yourself even when you don't feel like it. I make sure I go out walking everyday and I make sure I meet other people just for a chat.

I'm getting there,been a struggle but we have a lovely group on here now, so it's nice to know you can come on here and chat about anything:)

I hope you have a good day:)


Hi yummimummi! Thanks for your reply :)

So nice to hear someone else's story. I know what you mean about making an effort, even when you don't want to. It makes a difference. To be honest I feel like that most days, but I have to make the effort with 2 young children. Could easily stay in my pj's all day though ;)

I have found this sight a huge help, I had never heard of it until I found it when I was really unwell. I stopped going on whilst I was getting myself sorted, but it's nice to be back on & catch up with everyone. Hope you have had a good day. Mine has been ok, sick of packing now though, I just want to move lol :) xxx


Hi LooLoo

Sorry I am not a new face on here just me that you already no , but great to see you have joined us , hopefully new faces might appear eventually but the old ones on here , well they are a good bunch :-)

Wow you have been busy & reading what you have said you have been dealing with a lot & coping well :-)

Now not sure how the CBT will work

If you are moving & not going to be seeing your GP that you are under now & having to sign up some where else , it could mean you will have to get the new GP to put you back on a new list

If you will still be seeing your usual GP a different address should make no difference

If it were me , I would phone the surgery may be & ask how this will work , I hope it wont make a difference for you though as I no how frustrating been on these lists can be while we are waiting !

Let us no how you go on with it & lovely to see you on here :-)





Hey Why. It does not matter if I speak to old or new people, the support network is fantastic and your words are always so helpful :)

I feel like I have been coping well too. I feel like a totally different person to a little while back! I honestly thought there was no way out. Yes I have a lot going on, and things are far from perfect, but Ii'm gettng there.

I think I am best off seeing a new GP when I move and they can sort it all out for me (one less thing to deal with). I am moving back home to my family, so will be over an hour away.

Hope things are well with you lovely, nice to chat :) xxx


Oh you must be really pleased you are moving nearer your family , that will be lovely for you :-)

Yes might be better then asking your new GP



Yes I am pleased, I will be leaving my husband behind, which isn't ideal, as I feel so much safer at home when he's here. But it's something I have to deal with. I've done it before, I will have to do it again xx


Hi Looloo.

Nice to see you over here. You will find the majority of people here are from the old site and we are still as caring as before lol :)


Hi Kenny. Nice to see you too. Yes I am seeing familiar names and faces which is lovely!! It's so nice that I was away for a little while, but came back to see you all still here. Sense of security :)


HI looloo and welcome to sa xx We are as kenny said mainly the same old people over here x but feel free to post and chat as we do like to natter :) xx

I hope your cbt comes through fast for you xx It really is helpful:) xx Until then we are all here to help xx DOnver


Hi Donver, thanks for your reply. I really like the fact that it is mainly the people I was speaking to before, it's a lovely community :)

I'm hoping my CBT comes through too, but I have a funny feeling that moving out of the area is going to really balls things up! Shame really as I am so ready for it!

I am definately going to pop on a bit more than I have. I move a week sat, so may be a little quiet until then :) xx


Hi looloo

Sounds like you have got a lot going on. Just keep coming on here and we will all help you with your move to another area, we will we here all the way if you have any worries.

Not sure how it works with CBT if you move best check with new or old GP I reckon.

You are doing well great to meet you.

gardener x


Ah thank you gardenertwo. I shall pop on when I can. I have had enough of packing for one day ;)

Once I have moved I am going to go see my new GP and let him/her chase it up..less stress the better!

Hope you are well. Nice chatting to you :) xxx


Hi loo Loo,

sounds like your getting sorted. Sorry don't know how it works with CBT. Good luck with move.



Hi MR, thanks for your reply. It'll all get sorted in the end I'm sure. Just hate not knowing. Nice to speak to you and I hope you are well x


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