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Anxiety is taking over my life

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Hi all. I'm new to the group. I just returned from a Dr. Appt. I know I have anxiety, as I was diagnosed with GAD in 2009, But know its taking over my life. I had no idea that it was so bad. Others can see it just being around me, And when I stop to focus, then I can see how effects me and my actions. Im not taking any Meds currently. I have in the past and they do not do well for me. I want to take a natural approach to conquer this illness and get my life where it needs to be. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hi Dilloe05 and welcome to the group :)

I also suffer with GAD and unfortunately have done for years. I have managed to get it to points that I can live a happier life and when I have done that it’s been through therapy’s such as - CBT. , Mindfulness meditation and then practising mindfulness all through out the day. Also self help books - I buy the audio ones as have bad concentration when reading. Also counselling if you haven’t tried this already.

All of these things in the past have really made a positive impact to my anxiety and life is a little easier and more enjoyable.

I am not doing so well at the moment due to life circumstances, but am still trying to do these things to get back on track. I hope that you find something that will work for you and help reduce your anxiety. :)

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Thank you for your reply. I do like to read and I have a couple of self help books, but I am my own worst enemy because I procrastinate as well. I was never this bad about getting things done, I sit and think of all the things I need to do, and It feel like a weight is holding me down. I dont get to my tasks I only think of them all. No Motivation, and No Action

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It’s really hard when we are feeling so bogged down by anxiety. I have read through the other posts and I agree with Lulu that it’s great that you’ve seen your doctor and taken that step, hopefully they will be able to help you get the therapy’s you need to help you or discuss alternatives. Also I agree that it does take motivation to go to work, so you do much better than you think.

I wish you all the best and hope that you find something to help you start to feel a little better :)

Hello & Welcome Dollie05 :-)

Sorry to hear you are suffering with anxiety

You say others noticed your anxiety more than you is that because you have just got used to been this way ?

Is your anxiety getting in the way of every day life and causing you even more stress trying to deal with it , feels like every day is hard work as most of us can feel this way

Sorry for all the questions but trying to get to know how best we maybe able to help you :-)

Did your Doctor suggest any support like maybe referring you for Counselling ?

I totally understand medication is not for everyone but Counselling and meditation , yoga , relaxation exercises can all help :-)

I hope that knowing you are not alone and you have somewhere you can come and talk and be understood will help to even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x

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Hi. I was seeing a therapist in the past for about 3 years, And oneday I never went back, I recently contacted her, and she switched practices, and my luck being that her new practice does not accept my health Insurance. Today my DR. did suggest counseling again. Im willing to go. When I was saying others notice my anxiety its because im always really hyped up like at work, and talking fast so its like "ok calm down, no worries" or I have went to work and sat in my car not being able to go in. I end up leaving an driving around aimlessly. I never did things like that. And I have others like Sister, and Boyfriend saying they can see it. I don't know maybe in the past I was able to cope with it better

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Hello :-)

I am sorry that you cannot get to see the same therapist , when we make a connection with one it can feel a real upheaval to have to see someone different and I take it you are in the USA because you mention Insurance , I am in the UK and as you possibly will know we have the NHS which I am grateful for but I always say things happen for a reason , we don't always see that reason and sometimes later we do but maybe you were meant to see a different Therapist and if your Doctor offered I would certainly give it a go , you have nothing to loose but you could have something to gain and one thing is you cannot be any worse of than you feel you are at the moment :-)

I saw your reply to Ellie34 about not having any motivation , but you work and that takes some motivation and when we have anxiety it does slow us down as all our energy gets used up coping with been anxious all the time , so do what you can and what you can't try not to over think it because again that will make you feel even more drained as well

I think that is what can happen with anxiety we cope with it for quite a while and then all of a sudden we can't any more sounds about right to me but you will find ways and you are already making a start by seeing your Doctor and coming on here talking to others that know how you feel :-) x

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Thank you for the positivity, it helps me. I do work, but what I didnt mention was im always late atleast an hour. So the last facility I worked at will not take me back because of my tardiness, im a great worker when im there but I dont have the drive to get there on time, and because im late it heightens my anxiety. Its like being in a hamster wheel going around and around

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Hello :-)

I can imagine the effect that would have on you

Is there anyway you could talk with your Boss , tell them the truth and why you tend to be late , maybe get your Doctor to back you up to as not sure how it works in the USA but in the UK anxiety is classed as a disability and it is not unreasonable to ask employers to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs

You may also find as well if the pressure was of about your lateness you would maybe get there a little earlier because I always find when I am under pressure it makes everything worse , take away pressure and I cope so much better :-)

Hope talking with us has helped :-) x

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