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Potassium Levels Are High

Hi I had my test results of my blood test back and it seem my Potassium level is slightly high. I do eat junk food and other things which are not good, I also eat fresh foods too. I need to have another blood test next week to check it. Then my Aunt told me my Kidneys might stop working (Yes I started to panic) she was only trying to be helpful lol. I guess I will have to wait and see hat happens with next blood test. Has anyone had this problem and what will happen next?

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Yes this is quiet common in a lot of people & slightly high is nothing to over worry about and your kidneys won't fail it would have to be really high and be like that for a long time before it had an affect on you so severe

See what the next test reads and as you no try & cut out a bit more of the junk , just little changes can get it to a normal reading , I am sure everything will be ok , your Doctor will advise and give you the care you may need if any :-) x

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I am now trying to cut down on junk but it's so good it's bad. I love bananas and they are high in salt too, I have one a day. Same with junk, McDonalds is my poison. My plan is to cut down to maybe 2 a week and see what happens


Things can be so confusing for us as bananas are so good for us in lots of ways they do say we should eat them for other positive things but yes the McDonalds cutting down sounds like a good plan they are not so good for us :-/

Hope everything goes ok :-) x


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