Well we are getting ready for thanksgiving yea me. I know you all do not do Thanksgiving. Lots of cooking on my part. Turkey, mashed potatoes , gravy, stuffing , veggies , pasta salad, candied yams, rolls, pumpkin pie , chocolate pie, a desert I call renae which has pudding-ice cream- walnuts - whipped topping- a crumb layer. Eat Eat Eat lol no wonder their are so many over weight people here lol as myself when I have anxiety I don't do well keeping weight on. Maybe I will post some pictures xxxx Mimi

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  • Ooh, coming over to your place....Happy Thanksgiving. xx

  • Please come anyone is welcome. Big snow storm coming in which I'm happy about lol xxxx

  • Please come plenty of room would be wonderful xxx

  • Think I will pass on the snow. Nice and sunny here in NZ. But you have a wonderful celebration, Julie xx

  • Thankyou Julie please post pic if NZ xxx

  • Happy thanksgiving !!

    My sister in law emigrated to Canada 8yrs ago and says it's a great day:) Enjoy xxx

  • Canada is beautiful an yes it can be a great day if your not the one doing all the cooking lol xxx

  • Hi Mimi,

    Love the photo you look great, nice to put a face to a name.

    happy Thanksgiving, sounds loads of fun, have a great day.

    Gardener x

  • Thank you that pic was taken this summer I love gardening flowers everywhere xxxx

  • Happy thanksgiving, hope you have a lovely time

    Jules x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Good Morning

    Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    It sounds wonderful !

    Your picture & your garden looks beautiful to !

    Have a lovely day :-)




  • Thanksgiving is Thursday I hope you are doing well today I will try an not eat to much lol. Xxxx

  • I shall be thinking about you on Thursday , eating all that lovely food



  • Happy Thanksgiving xx

    Sounds like quite a feast x Always wondered what candied yams are lol x

    Lovely pic btw x Hope you have a wonderful day x

    Donver x

  • Thankyou let's see do you have yams or sweet potatoes. You peel them an put in a buttered casserole dish with some brown sugar an sprinkle with some pecans with about 1/4 cup of water I also drizzle some maple syrup over them an cover the dish bake at 325 for about hour check to see if yam or sweet potato is soft if so I uncover an put marshmallow on top put back in an bake until marshmallow are nice an brown Sweet but delicious So theirs your candied yams lol xxxx

  • just reading that recipe and I have put on 5 pounds lol :)

  • lol that's why I do them only couple times a year but I will bake a few like a potato an just eat plain they are very healthy without all the other stuff lol

  • Have a lovely Thanks giving. I hope you enjoy it all. I might some recipes off you for things like candied yams xx

  • They are like a potato but are like a pale orange in color an they are sweet tasting very very healthy for you I sometimes bake them like a regular potato an add some dab of butter an a little cinnamon after their baked an sliced open lol xxx

  • I will gladly share recipes if you will do the same lol

  • We will exchange recipes great idea

  • Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving take care and enjoy. :)

  • Thankyou hope you have a blessed day


  • Well Lindalou , took me all my time to get you to South Africa

    Thanksgiving will be over before I can get you over to America :-D


  • More the merrier

  • Lololo Xxx

  • Happy Thamksgiving


  • Ty hope you had a blessed day

  • hi mimi, lovely photo,happy thanksgiving, enjoy the day, take care. xx

  • Ty bless you xxxx

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