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6 hours of sleep. I feel like crap :(

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My heart is racing out of my chest, my head and eyes hurt. I'm so exhausted and anxious. Not sleeping makes my anxiety sooo much worse. It's impossible to sleep in my house, my brother comes in around 2am and keeps me up because he's drunk and loud. He watches movies loud on his phone. So I finally fall asleep around 6 am and then woke up around 11am. I couldn't get back to sleep because my mom was up then being loud and kept talking to me. I kept pleading with her 'to please be quiet, that I didn't sleep'. She knows I don't always sleep well. I got an hour more sleep from 230 pm to 330 pm. I wish I got one more hour but once again she woke me up talking to me then a neighbor came to the door. Ugh I'm not going to get anymore sleep. It's so frustrating. I get no respect or consideration. They all know my anxiety problems and that I need sleep. I could really use some support right now.

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I think your Mum should have words with your Brother. When my Brother lived at home, he was the same as yours. He would come home drunk after nights out and once left the grill on and passed out, thank god for fire alarms! He was told to act his age and move out if he wants to act ungrateful. He's grown up a lot now thank god and is happy living in London. I feel your Brother needs to have respect and your Mum needs to have a word with him. If they know you can't sleep too good they should have some understanding and tell him to grow up or move out

My brother passed out and left the stove on. We came home, even we actually didn't want to but something told us too, came in the front door and the entire kitchen and living room were full of smoke. I can't imagine if we didn't come home. He's done many other things that have endangered us because he's so wasted. She has kind of talked to him about it but not stern. She always tells me to talk to him. Idk but I can't deal with it much longer. I'm happy your brother has improved. But yeah he has no respect for any of us. I hope something changes soon.

Thank you for replying.

I know it's hard for parents to be hard on their kids but your Mum needs to tell him to grow up and act his age or leave the house. I hope this happens soon so you can have some peace, calm and sleep easy :)

She's hinted at it and I've told her she needs to he a serious talk but she just doesn't. actually as we speak he's here dunk and wants to go outside to smoke. I told him to stay in because he's not supposed to be here n he's going to get us evicted. He goes out anyways ugh

She's told him to stop coming here drunk. He just doesn't listen.

I hope things have calmed down now but I do feel sad for you and your Mum. Stay strong x :)

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