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Can any person explain what i am experiencing!? I have dealt with it for as long as life - but just can't find the words to explain it!

So I think for a male to experience this is rather odd! Personally!

So today i had work again, and my experience was odd, i was so bored in a dream state like phenomenon and i was not taking everything in! I had no motivation too, either. I felt guilty! I couldn't follow what was asked of me, i was so anxious. It was so odd, these were very basic instructions. I study Maths as a degree and for some reason my anxiety was so bad i was reduced to single word answers/no word answers/fear/ and finally "please don't judge me as i don't feel like my normal self" (i didn't say this)! and it was just so strange - i was so uninterested. Some may say you are depressed. I ended up feeling pretty inferior and as though - how do these people answer these questions?! and usually i can! I am now puzzeled and in awe ultimately - what happened to common snse? I've noticed when i eat - it gets worse! It immobilise me!

Please help!? (if you can as this is the MOST painful experience)

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hi I suffer from bad anxiety too I have done for years on and off but more so since my brother passed away off a drugs over dose 5 years ago I have also suffered depression since I was 15 after my dad commit suicide .

when I get anxious my body trembles on the inside but not visabe on the outside except for in my hands also I feel scared and worried and cry if I had diazepam id take one at that stage but would try fight it first .

i am on martrizipam now and they knock me out .sometimes when am stressed and anxious id rather be knocked out than suffer the anxiety symptoms they are horrible and i struggle to cope with anxiety attacks .

this probbally doesn't answer your quearys but may help to now their of many others that suffer the same as you do and to know theirs others you can off load too instead of suffering alone especially for a bloke ,men tend to bottle things up because its not manly or macho to talk about things (that's just a male thing most men are like that ) .

id do anything to live a normal life and not feel anxious every 2 minutes i get it constantly would be so bad but iv no idea why i do .

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hi che youve definately been through the mill no wonder youve had problems ive had my depression /anxiety for a long time as you say its not manly to talk about it no wonder so many males have severe problems ! sites like this are amazing in getting the help you need ! i well and take care david

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its good as no one needs to know who ya really are so ya can chat as much as ya want too mate x

my name is chez short for Cheryl.


i am sorry to hear about this! this really sounds a difficult situation that you have to deal with :/ i wishyou the best in your recovery. If you need t talk to any person you have my support (much like any of us ofc) :)



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