I know you all say ( AND ARE RIGHT) to get up and stay positive of s morning when's wake with terrifying fear and total dread of how I'm going to get through the day ( then the thought of the rest of my life ) how do you think and stay positive ( Iv battled and I mean battled ) since January and I find it impossible at times mostly mornings to get though this, the fear, trapped, noway out of this illness !!!! I just don't know how long I can go on like this, I'm so very frightened and feel so very alone. Iv recently got post dramatic stress disorder and know it's going to take time to deal with it, but I just don't think I can do this any more the fear is to much for me to handle, I'm so skird. Please can anyone help me get over this, this isn't a life. Many thanks for taking the time to listen to me

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  • Hello

    I have just seen your other post

    I know this is not easy and we won't to feel as we used to but it does take time

    Try & stay in the day , don't look behind or forward but just concentrate getting through a day at a time and see if within that day you can see any little positives no matter how small , jot them down so at the end of the day no matter how bad it has felt you can see there has been some moments that were ok :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you so very much I really appreciate you being there and you talk great sense, I agree but Iv battled on everyday since January and its so very hard, some days it just feels impossible, but yes I agree and thank you xx

  • Try not to see it as a battle , when we feel it is something we have to fight then it seems that it is something we should fear and fear equals anxiety

    Try & accept that you are suffering with anxiety and it takes time ad take each day as it comes

    I have suffered on & off with anxiety over 30 years mainly because there was no help like there is now and understanding , ask for all the help you can get and things will slowly get better , it is hard but even the days where it feels impossible pass and you will get there :-) x

  • This has helped me today ...ive just had to admit defeat and go sick at work :( .....i would expect aby help i could get but its so hard to find organisations in my area :( ...u r very right though..a day at a time helps x

  • Hello

    Don't see it as a defeat see it as you are seeing sense and putting yourself first and you should feel proud as the first step can be accepting what is wrong ad then we can start working on it

    Are you in the UK ?

    I was just asking because your Doctor should refer you for some Counselling if you ask them also there is an Organization called "Mind " if you put Mind into Google they have a web page and a phone number and they are very good in giving contacts in your area and advice :-) x

  • Hi there...yes ive been excepted with mind but there is a 3-4 month waiting list...ive just come to a point in my life where trying to prentend i dont have anxiety issues is causing me more harm than good...i will be going to what ever they offer me..but inthe mean time im lost and so confused :( xx

  • Hello

    I no the waiting can be a while , I was on one once for nearly 2 years before anyone saw me , but it will soon be here and mean while now and again phone them and ask where you are on the list now and how long , let them no you are struggling

    It does help if you can accept it rather than fighting against it as when we fight against something it is because we are fearing it so it causes a lot more anxiety but accepting it can lessen that fear as you are seeing it as something you have but it is not life threatening if you no what I mean

    Meanwhile while you are waiting to be seen , see if you can set yourself some small goals , maybe look at what you feel relaxes you , a warm bubble bath , or reading , a good movie maybe see if you can find things that may distract you and when you are feeling bad try repeating this is anxiety , it won't harm me and it will pass and of course keep talking to others that understand

    If things really get unbearable then do not hesitate to go back to your Doctor and let then no 3 months waiting is to long you need some help now , things will improve , it is not always something we can rush or gets fixed as quick as we like but just taking a small step talking to others that know how this feels is a positive step in the right direction :-) x

  • Thank you so much...just to have someone understand where im coming from...i will ring mind tomorrowand ask more questionsabout how i can help myself while im waiting ...i do need to find what relaxes me and what i enjoy doing thts good for my anxiety...thank you so much..u dont know how much its helped with u replying to me xx

  • Try different things something will come to you that you realize makes you feel calmer and distracts you from your anxiety , I do find reading helps me but I know everyone does not like reading and it has to be a good book I no I will enjoy :-)

    Or just sitting with the lights dim and closing my eyes and trying to concentrate on my breathing helps to

    Have you had a look at mindfulness again you can put it in Google lots find that helps or if you go on You tube and put in relaxation exercises for anxiety , there are a number of things that come up that when you listen to them they may help

    I no you will have found the Mind page but I have popped you the link to their page just in case


    Let us know how you get on :-) x

  • I think im now at the stage where i want to face this head on so i know in future what to do and to make sure i have a bright future for me and my children xx

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