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Hi my name is martina lately I've been suffering with this weird feeling up my nose and consipation so docs say my diet has been bad I'm losing lots of weight no one seems to under stand when I go out the street the breathing thing gets worst have to keep coughing to clear throat I wish these feeling would go away my docs sending me to counselling my life is turned upside down they put me on citrol same as citropram I feel sick getting terrible headaches and an awful sensation through my body like been terrified don't have any friends as keep to myself I feel so sorry for my little one as she knows somethings wrong don't do what I use to go the park whatever don't like being like this.can anyone give me anything to fight this nightmare I don't want to end up in hospital this is a great site you'll find someone who might be going through same thing thanks and god.bless you all

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I am sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time but please believe you will get through this

I think we all can relate to how you feel as some stage when we have or are suffering with our anxiety especially in the beginning it can be so frightening but you are right now you have found these sites you are not alone & there will always be someone to talk to :-)

Trying to clear your throat is a normal thing that happens with anxiety , it then can become a habit , if you can try and just see it as your anxiety and pay less attention to it eventually it will subside

I totally understand you keeping yourself to yourself this can be are personality or it can also be our anxiety that makes us feel we are better on our own as no one will understand or want to be around us but you will be surprised that sometimes this can be so untrue & people that care about us will want to be there for us , they may not understand how we feel and that is ok as you can come on here & talk to others that do but it can sometimes help us with are anxiety if we don't shut ourselves away and let others be around us can be a great distraction to

Are there any support groups your Doctor could suggest where you could meet up with others that are suffering with anxiety as well as the counselling which will help when you get into it

You little one , just reassure her which I am sure you will do how much you love her , if you think she is noticing things it could be your anxiety believing that or she maybe but as long as you keep reassuring her it will not affect her , I brought up 3 who are all adults now with anxiety & they are fine

The medication , I know sometimes that they can give you awful side effects before they level out & start helping , however if you feel the side effects are to much to cope with then go back and see you Doctor as there are so many different meds they can try & sometimes it takes a few changes before we find the one that suites us best

Take Care x


Thanks for your reply as I'm having breathing issues. Today crying all time I feel as if there's no way out for me my eldest daughter was crying with me saying she'll help me god love her what the heck will I do feel as if im.miles away but thanks for your time


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