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Living with Anxiety
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Blip after 2 days of stress

I'm having a blip after a couple of days stress with one thing and another so have come on here to share a few thoughts

There are not any days of the week I feel I can escape my work I feel that I need some time out and then all of sudden I find my self on here again I think I have been trying to get 2 days off during the week but it just does not seem to happen I can now see that if the stress builds up I end up feeling anxiety I'm sure my mind just needs to be cut some slack I've woken after being asleep for only an hour tonight and have come down stairs to try and distract my self of feelings of panic my dizziness is strong sorry for going on went to see my Daughter tonight in a big school production 1000 people no wonder I feel anxious it's so hard working from home I do keep saying look I need a couple of days of just not sure how to :-(

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Hi, it sounds like there are alot of things going on in your life. I'm sure the stress only adds to the anxiety. If you are not able to take an entire day or two off, what about half a day off? Sometimes just knowing we have a break scheduled, even if its just for half a day can help reduce anxiety levels.


I think thats what i will do and I am going to try but people think they can call 24 7 in my job I run a Drama school we have to burn at both ends as we have young kids still in school but im going to do this starting Tomorrow. Cheers by the way


You are right thanks x


Hi Stu

I have got to no you a while now & hope you wont take offense but you are like me in a lot of ways & struggle to give your self time of , which like you say causes the anxiety

I am at home but still , I feel I should be the one that does this & that causing so much pressure on myself

I think every thing will not be done right unless I do it , which deep down I no is a load of rubbish & even it if wasnt would it really matter :-/

Easier said than done though !

But if you had a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week working for someone else you would no doubt come home on a Friday , be able to let go & un wind & I think you need to find that balance even though I no you work for yourself , again easier said than done but with practice you can do it

We need to learn how to let go , one of the hardest things to do

An example is I have said this before I no , but coming on here , I need to restrict myself , maybe an hour in the morning & if I want have a look in the evening

I have said I will do this before & then found myself on even more again !

So I am going to have another go at cutting back , as it wont help my anxiety , why dont you have a look again at what you could cut back on & we will do it together :-)

Well done though going to see your daughter , that no doubt will have added to the anxiety you were feeling , but you did well :-)





Thanks whywhy can still call you that, im going to say to my wife that thursdays are going to have to be are day off as we are now working sundays as well and im going to set it in stone yes its a good idea lets do that tahnks for your help but school run time then rehearsals very tired


Well you at least need one day of a week or you will have nothing left to give !

Also maybe in an evening have a cut of time , where unless its family & friends tell everyone you wont be answering the phone !

Of course I am always whywhy on here & will try & get my name back eventually

Was just a little under cover work the why-i-am ;-)

See you on here then on a Thursday saying a quick Good Morning to us , I shall be looking for you now :-D



Why why have put a post for you to read its hard doing post from a phone lol


hi bigguy, maya & why why are spot on with their answers, half a day or one designated day where you and your family can forget work and try & have a relaxing bit of family time, you deserve it . hope you can find the time. take care. xx


I've done it done it wop


I've sorted it Thursdays they are are now set in Stone now. but feel very anxious tonight ears are ringing and I've the fuzzy head again I've not been to the gym I've had 2 bad nights sleep I'm looking forward to my day off my wife said I should sleep in bless her then I will go to the gym to burn off a bit of this stress and anxioty yes why why I will pop on here tomz and keep in touch mate I've never met you butfeel like a good friend I'm sure you have loads on here !

I do have a fear tonight of burning out let's just hope I do not after all I understand what it is now.

Here to us all having a day off love to you all x



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