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Hi everyone hope yal having a better day than I am. Lately I've been feeling so down been looking at my life alot and just think I'm a failure recently my boyfriend and I broke up and just close to valentines day (just awesome huh) I've never once had a good valentines day so this situation really jus made it even worse. I've also been finding myself asking God what is my purpose on this hurt I jus feel like I'm reaching nowhere I'm watching all my friends get married building families and being happy and here I am putting on a smile when I'm dying inside.

The only thing that keeps me goin is my daughter I love her so much and I want the best for her and I never want her to go through what I am goin through now. My family is no help my mom and I don't get along because she is a hypocrite and doesn't really understand my anxiety neither is she a comfort. I just hope this is just a feeling that will pass soon I just want to be happy does anyone ever really looked at their live and just question it am I wrong for questioning it and am I wrong for asking God. Some advice please because if it wasn't for this site I don't know how I would make it sometimes.

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  • Hi there .. People don't understand .or they don't want to understand anxiety, I am sorry you are down, I get like that, about members of my family, anyway, won't go into a big debate, but there are a lot of kind people on here that know hiw you feel. Sometimes the right word at the right time helps, you will be alright . Keep your chin up x hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks you so much for responding I do hope I feel better as well I hate feeling like this.

  • Hello

    Maybe you are feeling more down at the moment because of the break up with your relationship , this is always a time when people feel more down than others , we can reflect on the " what if's" "what might have been " " why me " "what did I do wrong " and so on yet the answer is we did nothing wrong we fell in love & it did not work out & now we are hurting just like every other person no doubt has felt at some stage & maybe more than once in their life

    There is a saying that sometimes we have to kiss many a frog till we find our Prince ...maybe the next one may just turn out to be your Prince do hope so :-)

    I know for me I never thought I would find mine & yet when I stopped looking & least wanted or expected it along he came & 20 odd years later he is my soul mate , my rock the only person I have ever felt loves me for me warts & all as they say , so maybe it is when we stop looking for love it will find us but in the meantime we may have friends or even the freedom to do what we want to make ourselves happy which when you have a relationship you loose a little of that as it is more give & take , so enjoy pleasing yourself in the meantime

    I understand about family not understanding , same here with extended family so much so I have even have had it thrown in my face about my problems to make them feel more superior , but what it does show is that they are shallow & just pray that one day they don't have to walk a mile in your shoes because I am sure they would soon want to give them back if they knew how this can feel but meantime talk to people that do understand even if it only be on here

    Oh you say what is your purpose in life & as I continued to read your post it came flying out at me you have one very important purpose in life your daughter who you brought into this world & you should feel so proud , she needs you & you are there to look out for her , one of the most important jobs if not the most important jobs you could ever have in this world :-) x

  • Hi tiger u share such kind words thank u so much I do love my daughter an she is what kept me goin. I'm jus wondering if I should just completely cut off my ex he still talks to me and says he wants to be there for me but he doesn't want a relationship it's very confusing to me I know they say when u dnt look for love it shoW's up unexpected but I dnt knw if it's just how I'm feeling now but I just feel like I dnt even want another man around me I just feel like they are all the same in which I know that's not true but when u go through the same thing over n over it makes u feel that way.

  • Hello

    I think that all depends on how you feel about your ex keeping in touch

    Sometimes exes can stop friends but can be when some time has passed & emotions have settled down

    I would ask myself am I at a stage where I am not in love with him anymore & can I just accept a friendship ?

    Is his support more helpful or does it mix your emotions & head up more then if that is the case then maybe it would be better for now if you explained you needed some time with no contact

    Maybe your ex cannot handle a relationship himself & this is why he is offering friendship ?

    So many things I would try to take into account when deciding what I would do & I think I would start by making two lists , one with the positives of keeping in contact & one with the negatives of been in contact , I would be totally honest with myself no matter how painful it felt as I composed them & which ever list had more positives on it then I would go with that decision x

  • He do gives me mixed emotions he still talks as if we are together I don't knw what's goin on with him I dnt think he knows what he wants to be honest but I will take that advice and see which options I will weigh

  • Yes tigger is right. Your daughter , you are a mother. The most important job in the world. Things will get better and one day you will meet mr right. X

  • Hi Cwoodside,

    You are not alone. You are an awesome woman and mother. We have good days and we have bad days. When you look into your daughter eyes and think upon God's goodness, you'll begin to understand your purpose in life. You are not a failure and your better days are ahead. Valentines Day may or may not turn out good this year, however, you will be fine. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder for almost 21 years, just had a break up with my boyfriend of 11 years and I have some really BAD days but my two amazing Sons keep me going and I know God have great things in store for me. Hold your head up baby girl, better days are ahead! Blessings to you my friend!

  • Oh Kenya I swear tears are in my eyes reading your response you have been going through anxiety for a long time and your so strong wow 11 years how are you handling it?

  • Yes! One day at a time! Today was actually a bad day but I know there are better days ahead! It's very hard!! He and I still love each other and we have good and bad days but I desire to live. Being a woman alone (hormones, pms, etc) makes anxiety even more hard but knowing that my later will be greater, keeps me going! Cyber Hugs to you my friend!

  • Thanks for the hugs Kenya it's greatly needed :)

  • I'm Sorry that you feel so bad and i hope you feel better soon but you must try love yourself before othersi now that you feel vulnerable and hurtand lonely but try to see that's his lost not yours he wasn't the whrite one (prince)you will find the whrite one for you one they and have a nice famaly and happy this was my grand mother advice for meand now I'm very happy and have two chindren don't give up

  • I also suffer from depression and anxiety for 15 years and had have very bad times but my kids and friends give love and strength to keep trying don't give up xx

  • Thanks you so much for your reply it puts a smile on my face I'm just gonna take it one day at a time

  • That's all you can do but don't put yourself down you deserve better and you will came better times i now I I've been there and I still take a day at time if you want my number i can give you so wend you need to talkis easy ?

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