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Living with Anxiety
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Anxious and homeschooling

I’ve not been very anxious/panicky much lately compared to before I went on Paxil.

But today I’ll be talking to my son’s teacher about us being unhappy with how she treats her students. Not fun.

I also am looking into homeschooling. I’m researching and studying the K12 information. After I educate myself I will go over the pros and cons then make the choice. I will be praying for guidance too.

A lot of the unknown going on.

I guess I just wish I could feel more confident in trying new things. I mean teaching kids well when I worked I worked one on one in school with disabled children and worked with large groups of kids also. I took education and psychology in college. Hmmmm I don’t know I just feel like this homeschooling thing will be stressful. Yet I’d really would like to do a great job even if I fail I would have tried. oh my getting my youngest to sit still and retain info I’d be giving its hard to imagine.

Any ideas encouragement tips appreciated!!!

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Hello Starrlight

Would swapping schools be worth looking into? Swapping class if that's possible. I have no idea if this is practical? Speak to the Head of Year or Head Teacher about your concerns. Does your child fall into the special needs category? Education is too important to miss out on. Your child deserves the best.

I think you are in USA? I do not know anything about your school system but hopefully something I've suggested is helpful.


Can’t swap schools unless we move. My kids hate their school but love learning. I just want what’s best for my kids. Considering everything. My older child is in Advanced Acedemics and my younger one is in Speech. My sister homeschools and it seems to work well for them. I don’t know if I would be good at it but I’d put all my heart and soul into it. And maybe take screaming breaks 😆 I’m sure it’s not easy but probably worth it.


Hello Starrlight :-)

I agree with what Hidden has said but I remember been in your position

My Son was so unhappy at School that at one stage I wondered if I could home School him

But I was not as clever as you and when I started writing down the pro's and con's to it I felt the stress it would put on me would be tremendous , such a lot of responsibility and for me I knew I would not cope , also I feel personally as this is just my opinion interaction with others at School is very important and learning how to build relationships , deal with situations involving others and so on you learn those skills by been in School and would be hard to teach them at home , but like I said that was just my thoughts everyone is different :-)

I think you should speak with the Head though because it should not be this bad where you are even having to think this way and if you get no where today with the teacher then book straight in to see the Head

Maybe try and do two lists

One with the advantages of him staying in School to be educated and another one been the advantages to him been home schooled , see which comes out on top that could help you get closer to the answer you are searching for :-)

Take Care x


Thanks to both of you, sorry Kez I didn’t properly thank you!!! I value your thoughtful input.

I am talking to teacher today and will go to Principal if needed.

I do agree that learning to be in relationships is important... I’d have them on team sports and activities with others their age. Hmmmmmm

Lulu I first thought that too, that no it’s just too much respondibility, too stressful for me but now am trying to see both sides and the best decision outcome for all involved. I know a lot of the school staff well and i like them but I have had friends in the school and myself being ignored when it came to important issues occurring and so I’m disappointed.

I’m going to think on it and pray for guidance.

Thanks so much for being here you guys!!!


Hi Starrlight ,my grandson is being homeschooled.

We live in the USA , he was being bullied n was not getting good grades because of it.

His mom ,his dad,also me tried to bring it to the principles attention .

Didn't work . It was hurting him each day . Sad :-( to see him unhappy each day he came home from school.

So my daughter has no choice but to homeschool him .

They are pretty cool lol

You get a computer ,headset,books, also excercise stuff .

They even go on event and project in their area . :-)


Just want to add . The first year was hard ,no lie

But each year it's getting better .

Trying something new always is hard at first .


I'm gonna post a picture how happy he is :-)


Awesome to hear that each year is getting better. I’m excited about the prospect but of course have concerns. I’m studying about it right now. Thank you Sandy!!!


Your welcome!

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I know you will make the right decision for you and yours and that is all that matters , you don't have to rush into anything but the answers will eventually come :-) x


Awww yeah exactly Lulu!!! Thank you. I feel at ease about it right now. It will unfold whichever it will be will be 😊

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It will , it always does , maybe go with the flow and led whatever guide you one way or another but it will turn out ok which ever that will be :-) x

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No worries. I hope your discussion with the tutor was productive. If you and your friends are all feeling the same there must be a problem at that school.

You must decide what's best. Try to look at the whole picture. I was a little concerned that your child would lose touch with friends. There is also healthy rivalry and competition in a classroom setting too.

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Good input thanks so much!


Hi Starrlight, I removed my son from formal education to home-based, when he was14 years. He was very stressed in a busy school environment. I wish I had done it earlier. We focussed on his strengths and interests. We accessed local school for music, only, because it required practical assessment for his Higher exam. He is almost 30, now, and I have no regrets. In my opinion, children, when happy will have a natural desire to learn. So many resources online, these days. There's no reason why children can't access social interaction in other 'out of school' groups, mix with children of your own friends, or other home-educated children. I joined a Home-based education group, where I got lots of support and information. They will also advise you on any legal issues on withdrawing from fornal education. Some 'homeschoolers' arrange educational outings to meet together. Think of how much you have taught your child before school. There are many subjects and skills children don't learn in school and not all children benefit from large-scale interaction in a school environment. In many ways it is an unnatural construct. It's good to think outside the box. Talk to others who educate at home. My decision was based on the importance of my son's mental welfare, at that time. Learning is life long, it is not restricted to early years. There are many advantages to learning in a less formal, regimented way. I'm sure you'll do very well. Best wishes.


Thank you soooo much! I have a lot to consider...I want what’s best for them! How did you even get started? Seems a bit overwhelming. I have this school year to prepare and decide for sure if we will home school.


Two weeks from end of school term, at end of his second year, my son ( he has Asperger's Syndrome) showed signs of stress. His stomach was upset, and he asked me not to send him to school. He had never, previously, refused to go, but his 2 of his teachers (Music and Support) were leaving and he was also in the process of picking options for 3rd year . These changes had a big impact on him. We saw our doctor, I asked him to support my son and provide a medical certificate to cover his absence. I spoke to the school and told them he wouldn't be coming back before the summer holidays. During the following weeks, my son returned to his happy self. As the time approached for new term to start, I just felt I couldn't send him back. I used the time left to get info, I contacted an organisation called Schoolhouse - I'm in Scotland, btw, - they gave me information on the legal position of withdrawing/deregistering from formal education. Also, put me in touch with others who had gone down the same route. I completed application form etc., and someone from education came to visit me. One thing I was told was that the children need time to 'de-school' or reajust to a different routine. Your day can be organised to suit, there's no need for them to sit at desks or adhere to a rigid time table. It's natural to feel anxious but it means you are taking things seriously. Best thing is to see how others have proceeded. Here's a link to Schoolhouse. There will be other organisations in other countries.

schoolhouse.org.uk/, education law is different in England, but you can still get good info on this one. Just take your time, I'm sure everything will fall into place. Schools don't always get it right, make mistakes and often never discover talents that children have. So many every day things are educational, even making a cake involves maths, science, health and safety, chemistry, planning etc. It's all about perspective!


Wow thank you soooo much Veganese!

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Hey Star x how did the talk with their teacher go? X I agree with maybe getting their classes changed until you come to a decision about homeschooling x

I can see how it can be quite stressful to make that decision but you know what’s best for them so any decision you make will be well thought out and right 💕 xx hope the best for you all x


Hi Hope! It went okay with the teacher. We spoke for a very long time. We’ll see. Now soon I am going to take him to his pediatrician to be assessed for ADD. I have been giving him calm (a supplement with magnesium and calcium) to help with focus. But it only help a bit.


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