Anxious mornings

Hi everyone, how do you cope waking up in the morning and the anxiety is there again? My partner goes to work early before I wake up and we only recently moved in together last month and I'm not coping :( I feel so scared my heart races, I get dizzy and feel weak. Any tips would be great as I don't want to give in and go home to my parents. Thanks x

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  • Do you get panic attacks every morning after he leaves? Have you thought about getting up and doing some exercise once he goes to work? Or some meditation? I used to do word searches when I got a panic attack., was the one thing that calmed me down.

    Hope you are ok x

  • Hey there, yea I get up now and turn the TV on and that calms me down x feeling better now

  • Hi,

    Most mornings I get them, how many hours sleep do you get? If I am still tired it makes me worse. Change your routine. Panic becomes a routine so mix it up a little. I have varied mornings now so anxiety cannot creep in as much.

    Here is a useful website for meditation.

    Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Thank you so much x I used to sleep pretty good but the last 5 nights I have had prob 4 decent hours sleep :( like I feel fine mentally but my mind won't sleep :(

  • have spoken before about Dr Claire Weekes books.. Self Help for your Nerves and Peace from Nervous suffering.. in them she talks about what she calls ''the dreaded morning feeling'' which is what you mean her books should help you a lot x

  • If anyone ever discovers a reason for morning anxiety and possibly a way to prevent it...any ideas??? Go to bed feeling great, mornings I feel anxious.

  • Yep that's the same as me booksal12. Having no job in the day isn't helping me either :(

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