Living with Anxiety

Never been so ashamed

Today I left to go shopping as always felt fine got in to the supermarket and I came over all hot heart was pounding and throat felt it was closing and blocked.... I rushed to try and get to the main doors but didn't make it I ended up passing out because I was breathing to quickly I come round and there was an ambulance on its way they checked me over and everything was okay I thought I was gonna die

I was so ashamed that people has to see me like that I worrying about going out again now

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Hello again

Oh dear I am sorry you had such a bad experience today but why did you feel so ashamed ?

What do you feel people were thinking that saw this happen ?

Any decent person would just thought I hope that lady is ok

If you had any other illness that made you pass out would you feel ashamed or if you had a friend or family member that suffered with anxiety or anything else that mad them pass out would you be ashamed of them ?

I bet the answer is no so you should not feel this way about yourself either & say a positive happened in a way you got checked over and everything was fine so you no you are healthy :-)

Also anyone that did see what happened today believe me they will have forgotten it already because they will be all getting on with whatever they have to do :-) x


Your right I wouldn't be a ashamed if it was anything else or anyone else luckily my dad come walking in the supermarket 😊 I gripped him so hard like I never wanted to let go xxx

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