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honesty always pays

was at my local tescos today when i decided to get some money out of the ATM, there was only 1 other guy there he walked off when i was punching in my pin numbers , there was a beeping sound coming from his machine , when i looked there was a stack of 20 £ notes in the slot, i didnt know where he was so took it into the store , as i was telling the staff, a man came running past me to the ATM, the look of horror when he realised there was no money there, so i walked over to him and put the money in his hand , he lifted me up and said i was a gem, felt absolutely great, staff all came over and thanked me as well, which was nice, jasper xx

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:-) xxx


Totally agree... Honesty does pay :)

I found a £50 note on our local supermarket floor. I handed it in to the manager. My daughter said she would of kept it! Told her to but herself in a situation where she'd lost some money and plus it's not hers to begin with. Have to say I was pretty impress when the manager called to say that nobody came in to claim it and I could have it!!

I declined as it didn't feel right so I gave it to charity.


Hello Mr & Mrs Newton

Those were my Mums words " Honesty always pays "

Sometimes as I have stuck by those words & nothing seems to go right I have thought really ?

But then reading about your morning & I can imagine that feeling you got from been so honest then yes it does as that lovely feeling you get when you have been so honest & seen what it has meant to someone else is worth more than money can buy !

Have a lovely day , you deserve it :-)





HI Jasper xx Good on you:) I always think honestly is the best way as you never know the circumstances of those losing out x I think that your good deed today was a great one and you should be very proud of yourself xx Donver


Hi jasper, that brought a tear of pride to my eyes, well done to you .

If it had have been me I would have treated you to at least a nice bottle of wine.

pete .


Hi Jasper, well done. Honesty and integrity are so important, I believe in karma and so I'm sure your goodness will be rewarded.


thank you petita, love jasper xx


thank you all for your kind replies, i have been replying to you all individually but when i submit them they are disappearing something in the air, lol, hope everyone is well. love jasper xxx


Well done Jasper, I always believe honesty is the best Policy! Like Yummimummi rightly said put yourself in other person"s shoes, just imagine if you had left it behind & someone less honest than you had just taken it, you"d be devastated!

I also believe in Karma & feel you will be rewarded one way or another! You"ve already made some ones day & feel good about yourself in the process! More people like you in this world we need!

Take care

Sending you positive healing energies X


thank you bettybaby, yes it did make me feel better about myself, and thank you for the energies, love jasper xx


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