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Birth Pills - Cerazette changed to Cerelle

Hello everyone,

I am wondering for some advice. I've been on the pill Carazette for years and loved it, no period which was heaven for me. I had to go back to the doctor for a check up and new pills, he gave me Cerelle. I was shocked to know the company have changed the packet and name, I wanted my normal pills. I've been reading it's still the same pills but with the new ones I could have a period! I don't want that to happen. Also the info in the leaflet tells me to wait for a period before taking but I've not had one for years so I am taking it as normal now. Has anyone on here changed to this pill and did you have a period? Sorry if this is TMI but I need some help on it

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Just to let you know I had read your post but cannot really answer it as such , however I would say give this pill a try & if you are not happy on it for any reason then you could always go back to the Doctors and ask them to change it for you

Take Care x


Hi Tigger - It seems the new pill is the same pill as before but it's down to David Cameron who stopped my old pills to save cash. Well David if I get a period, I will come to number 10 and scream at you lol


Oh CardiffGirl , that made me laugh the very thought of you screaming at David Cameron , I hope it does not come to that but if it does please film it & post it :-D x


I did say something worse then scream at him but I am a lady lol. I don't feel I will have a period but he better be ready for me and yes I will film it and post it here lol

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