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Anxiety, Panic, Stress & Depressed!

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the site so I'm glad to meet you all! I am 40 years old and have been suffering from anxiety disorder for 20 years now. Some years were good and some were not so good as it relates to my anxiety. This year has been very trying. It started in January when I lost my cousin to gun violence, he was 35 years old. I lost my other cousin in March to cancer and she was 34 years old. I lost my Grandmother in June to cancer, she died in front of us at home. I just had a break-up from a 10 year relationship with my boyfriend. I was laid off of my job this past December and just got a new job 3 weeks ago. My anxiety have sky-rocketed to the point of no return, it seems. I can't sleep, I can't eat hardly, I feel new symptoms everyday, I think I am going to die everyday and I fear that my sons will not have a mother. My oldest is in college but my youngest is home with me. I do have a great support systme but I pray that God take this from me because I don't like thae place that I'm in, in my life right now. I have symptoms from palpatations, dizzy spells, feeling weak, heart racing, feeling faint, stomach ache, back ache, sinus problems, diarrhea, UTI, tingling, numbness, spacy feeling, can't sleep, you name, I have it and I'm so tired of it. Can anyone give me some suggestions. I've seen my doctor many times this year, been under two cardiologists care, endocrinologist care, and they all say the same thing, you're healthy, it's just anxiety/panic disorder. I just pray that it don't turn into something more serious. Please keep me in your prayers and thank you for listening!

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hi kenya, you are really having it rough lately, all your symptoms are classic anxiety/panic, did you doctor suggest medication to help you ?my o/h gets the same symptoms, she suffers from very high levels of anxiety, she does her breathing techniques which stop her hyperventilating, she also goes to a website called headspace which is free for a few weeks, he teaches you to concentrate on the here and now, but please remember that anxiety will come and go, concentrate on breathing for at least 15 minutes, you will find that your symptoms will subside, hope this helps. love jasper xx

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Hi Kenya, Lovely to meet you & welcome to the Site. Bless you, you really have had a tough year of things, I am so sorry to hear about!

I"ve had anxiety/panic attacks, 3 Nervous Breakdowns over the past 30 years myself, so I can completely empathise/sympathise how you are feeling!

I started this Year with a Nervous Breakdown ended up in Psychiatric Hospital!

I am a Christian myself & my faith is the only thing that keeps me striving on @ times! Are you under the Care of the Psychiatric Services? Such a seeing a Psychiatrist or Psychologist for help with all of your mental health issues? Have you tried CBT or been taught "Breathing/Relaxation Techniques?

I listen to Relaxation/Meditation via my i-pod, which does help me to sleep, somewhat of a night (Although I"m replying to you @ just after 3am!!).

This is a wonderful site with some fantastic Members, which I"m sure you"ll receive lots of Support, kindness & invaluable advise from. I hav"nt been a Member very long myself but the genuine care, support I"ve received has helped me tremendously. Keep Posting??!!

I am upholding you in my prayers, in my thoughts too. I sincerely hope/pray that things will start to improve for you as soon as possible?!

Sending you lots of positive, healing, soothing vibes.

God bless

Love Lynn xxxx

God bless you

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Hi Lynne,

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Hi Lynn,

thank you! Yes, I go to counseling weekly. Things are up and down. I have God and a great support system. I'm blessed to have you guys as well.

take care!

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Hi Kenya,

Thanks for replying. I too have weekly Counselling Sessions with a "Specialised High-Risk Eating Disorder" Team @ Psychiatric Hospital. As I suffer with insidious illness of Anorexia Nervosa too! I also see my Psychiatrist on a monthly basis, have a Community Psychiatric Nurse & "Crisis Team" 24/7! Also the immense amount of support I have been blessed with on this Site.

Yet still I too am struggling big time @ the moment, as tremendous stress with progressive, rare, incurable, debilitating health issues with my eldest son & myself. One of which is a "Genetic Syndrome" which I have passed on to him, causing me immense amount of "Guilt!"

Please keep in touch on Site as there are some wonderful Members here whom have helped me out considerably!

I hope you gain the same support, which I"m sure you will!

Keep Posting!!

Sending positive, healing, comforting, soothing vibes your way.

Best wishes

Lynn xx

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You are very strong. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the kind words! I pray the peace, healing and love of God over you and your son. Blessings to you! Take Care


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Hi Kenya,

Bless you for such thoughtful kind words. I have just come back from seeing Consultant Psychiatrist today. I seem to live in Hospitals @ the moment, Seriously I"m thinking of "part-ex" the car for an Ambulance, as only place I go out is to hospital appointments @ the moment!

Have you tried listening to the "Mike George" tape (there are two different ones!) they really help me to sleep with his rich Irish Accent, very relaxing, peaceful & spiritual, I believe you can down-load it. I would thoroughly recommend a listen, soothes my worries away by just "floating away", leaving him to take you troubles with him!!!

I sincerely hope you are feeling a little (LOTS!!) better today?

Sending you positive, healing, peaceful vibes your way. May God be with you also, He never forsakes us!

Take care

God bless you

Love Lynn xxxx

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Thank you Jasper, my doctor prescribed xanax & Zoloft. I don't take them because I don't want to be co-dependent on meds. I have the overcoming anxiety and depression cds from Lucinda Bassett, it helps a little. I will try the website. Thank you so much! Take care


I just wanted to say hello and welcome and so sorry for all your losses, no wonder you have anxiety. I can't add a lot to what has been said, except have a look at mindfulness, being in the now, there are books and CD's and have you seen a therapist. I practice yoga and swear by all different methods of deep breathing to visulations.

Sending you hugs. xx

Hello and welcome. Im sorry it's been a rocky year, definitely enough to trigger anxiety. Some things that have helped me with my anxiety are: yoga, exercise, meditation, therapy and eating better. As others have mentioned headspace is a great tool for guided meditations, it really helped me earlier this year when I began to deal with my anxiety. When ever you are feeling panicky, try and remove yourself from the situation maybe go on a walk and focus on your breathing. I hope things start to turn around soon.

Hi Kenya,

Thanks for introducing yourself, it's nice to meet you. Sorry to hear you've been through such challenging times recently. This site is a great place to be because the people here are familiar with the anxiety symptoms you're experiencing, and understand what a struggle it can be sometimes. I'll echo the other replies you've received and recommend CBT, mindfulness techniques and

I know it can feel totally overwhelming, but you can learn to control your anxiety. You'll get there - keep us posted. (:



Thank you to EVERYONE who responded! It is a great thing to have some genuine feedback and to know that you are not alone, for that I am grateful! I will keep fighting the good fight and keep pushing on. At least, I have you guys in the middle of the night :) Take care guys!

Hi I'm 42 and docs saying I've anxiety as well I've to grown up kids and have a little one at home I pray to our Lady every day to get rid of these awful. sens

sencesations I feel as if im going off the deep end no you haven't post for awhile let me know if you feel any better god bless I will say a prayer for you

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Are you still on site?


Yes from time to time

Will pm you if that’s ok


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