Having a rough couple days :(

A couple of weeks ago I wasn't having any big anxiety attacks but all of a sudden one morning i woke up and started to feel like i was going to faint. I had no clue why. I thought it would go away but the sensation got worse. I felt as if i was swaying side to side. So I told my boyfriend how i was feeling and he reassured me that it was probably just my anxiety. So the next day i woke up with the same sensations. I try everything before I take my medicine. I try to meditate and pray take a warm bath ... sometimes I read. But eventually if nothing is helping i take my medicine i take 1mg of lorazapam. But personally I HATE taking meds. But these past couple of days I've just been feeling really down . Anxiety makes me feel so weak sometimes. I just want to be a normal 18 year old not having theses feelings. I want to try some other ways to get through panic attacks ... What do you do when your having a panic attack ? or what do you do to get through days you feel your anxiety ? let me know please. I honestly don't want to be on a daily medication. I'm in counseling already and I'm looking for a new psychiatrist. Do you guys ever feel this way ?

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  • Hey there, I'm 23 n experience the same things. Breathing techniques help n also the book called the happiness trap by dr russ Harris. It's an excellent read!

  • Thanks I'll check that book out :)

  • It's a great book on training the mind :)

  • I am 25 and have been having these issues on and off since I was about 12. I am myself hesitate to take medication but have recently come to terms with that being my last hope for a push or an uplift because I feel like I can't do this on my own, it is becoming crippling. How long have you been going to therapy for?

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