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Weight + Anxiety

hi im 21 years old and im classed as obese :( i have a couple of physical disabilities which make exercise basically impossible all i can do is go swimming but cant afford to :( i have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was wondering if anyone has any advise on how i can cope with this! if i have a plate of food put in front of me dont i panic and feel really sick, if i eat something small like toast i feel sick after about an hour this has been going on for about 4 months and im really struggling, I have anxiety attacks daily because of it and its really talking its toll on me :( i really need some advice and help with this im not one to let illnesses rule my life but with this it seems to be doing just that, im scared to go to my friends incase it happens i try to not show it but they always tell and then i get embarrassed and it makes it worse :( please please someone help me!!! xxx

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i used to be heavy,114 kilos.when i was diagnosed with hypertension it triggered my health anxiety.but i manage to lose weight by walking at first and i'm down to 86 kilos and jogging 4 kms everyday,i manage my anxiety very well now,i dont say that its completly gone but my life is better now.just pray and have the determination to be more healthy you can manage your anxiety.God Bless.

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Hiya Bambi,

I really felt for you when I read your post. You have brought up a lot of things that have spoken to me. I can only speak from my own experience and everything I say is from my heart and certainly not meant to offend or upset you in anyway - so here goes I'll try to touch on some points you have made:

Now you have an official diagnosis it makes it easier for the healthcare professionals to provide help for you-it doesn't mean it changes you!! I always remember that 'labels are for jars-not people'

Being obese is almost the norm these days-look around, so many people are a little on the rounder size....I know I am & was very rudely told by a sleep specialist a few years ago (suggested that if I loose weight it would help all my sleep terrors & insomnia!!).

Regarding feeling sick when eating-this could be anxiety kicking in & stopping you. Give yourself permission to eat, maybe small & often-some nuts or fruit are good if nothing or failing that have a glass of milk (just to ensure you have energy)

Regarding swimming, I am in same postition-no money but need excersie. Most Drs do a gym referral scheme-you can get really good discount to attend as it is seen as a good part of your recovery.

Depression can really be compounded by anxiety and visa try to do good things for you each day-maybe creative or writing/reading, then make notes each night in a book just for this purpose and try to find at least one good thing about your day or even better about you and what you like about yourself.

Good luck. Try to remember you're not a jar-so don't really need a label :)

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Whoops sorry this got so long! Ekkk. 😊 x


I would suggest you to visit a good nutritionist first who can plan a proper diet plan for you next is your hard work and determination!

Good Luck !


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