Insercurties = anxiety😥

It is something we all deal with now and then. But it is one of those things that can wreak the good we already have in our lives. My partner is very attractive and has a lot of style. Struggling with the word- but he has very expensive watches, designer sunglasses, very flashy car- and whatnot. I have none of those things. He has given me absolutely reason to feel insecure - and in reality if he wanted a woman like that he would of chose one, right? I really can feel physically sick to my stomach if I think about this too long. It is something I know is about me that I am feeling this way. It is not a trust issue with him- it is just that I don't know why he would want me sometimes. He says often he likes my figure which makes me feel good- and he goes to my doctors appointments to support me. So there is no secrets to what I am. But deep down it break my heart to wonder if he deserves more than me.

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  • Hi there, I felt like that at times with my now fiancé. I had a lot of insecurities for the 1st year about why we were together when there was prettier and more confident women out there. I nearly pushed him away by having so much anxiety and worries. we had fights, but got over them and then it hit me that it was me being silly. he wouldn't stay if he didn't want to! message me if u like x im always on line. good luck

  • Thank-you for your understanding reply. I appeciate it very much. For the most part I have kept my anxieties to myself but they have leaked out and caused unnecessary friction. Normally it is me creating stories in my head and going threw the cycle of being hurt and angry- and by the time I see him again he never knew anything at all even happened. There was once I was convienced our relationship was ending and even had the numb shock feeling a person gets when they get very bad news. But I managed to keep things to myself and again he never knew what was going on in my head. It is so emotionally draining and we never really even had a fight in our three years together. But we had serious talks that help me pull myself together. He is so understanding whereas other guys in the past would never try to make me feel better. I feel like a loser for feeling so insecure when he has done nothing but be generous with his time and heart with me. I would like to message you sometime. Thank-you so much!💐

  • I'm glad it helped xx I was like that too. Constant mind battle. Another thing I don't like either is that he never saw me anxious etc til we moved out together. Now he's seen it all :( I feel like a failure to myself, him and my family for how bad I've gotten lately. Message you soon :) xx

  • Hello

    Just a quick reply , I know when we have anxiety we can feel lesser than others no matter how we look or what we have but material things do not make a person it is what is inside that makes a person worth loving & I think from what you say no matter what you think about yourself or no matter how much you have this BF of yours see's that treasure that money cannot buy which is a beautiful personalty , a lovely caring nature & so much more

    Learn to slowly love yourself & then you will be able to accept that you are worthy of been loved :-) x

  • You are too kind Tigger. Thank- you for your warm and encouraging comments💐

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