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Can't find my mojo

Hiya all. 1st post on hear hope you guys can guide me Please. After being on antidepressants for 2 years now, having random panic attacks, anxiety and, just left a controlling relationship of 14 years I want to get my life on track an find the new and real me. This will be my third attempt at c25k. I remember I felt really good mentality about myself when I was doing this program. But I just can't get going. As in my mind find excuses for me to leave it till tomorrow an as we all know tomorrow never comes

Any tips or advise please.

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Hi & Welcome :-)

I hope members will see your post & say hello :-)

It sounds like you have been going through a lot over the last couple of years & it is always hard to leave a relationship even when it has been an abusive one but well done for doing so :-)

I can understand though that now having done that you want to get your life back on track , start afresh which is all good & the right thing to do , but was wondering if maybe the problem is you are setting your goals to high

I know I can do this & as they are then a little out my reach for that moment in time I do not achieve them which then makes me feel a failure which then makes me feel down & also I totally forget all the positive things that I have achieved & how well I have done

Maybe for now you could put this on hold , start with something which is more tailored to how you are feeling at the moment & as you succeed ( which you will ) your self esteem will build up slowly & eventually you will be ready to do the 25k

Make a plan , keep it simple , even if it is going for a 10 minute run or even 5 minute run per day & feel good about yourself when you have done that :-)

Not sure if this will have helped , some other may have some more suggestions :-)





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