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A storm in my mind...Just need to let it the heck out! Thank you sooooo!

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So I just want to to release this worry. I haven’t driven the kiddos to school lately because we walk unless there is bad weather. I had a nightmare last night about not being able to see at night and not driving home but a friend drove me and I had to ask my husband to go get the car the next day...so I am nervous... nervous I will have trouble tomorrow with driving or just with my imagination running wild and making me feel out of control.

At one point my driving and panic attacks was baaaaaad that I stopped driving except for certain spots that seemed safe, yet STILL had the attacks like all the time and I just painfully pushed to expose myself and fight back against the anxiety even at home I was anxious but lately have had not much anxiety at all!!!!! So why am I worried, now, right?

I don’t know why. In the past I have done it right thousands of times and I recall I made mistakes 3 times and even in those times no one was hurt. So it should probably be fine. My chest hurts, it’s hard to breathe, palpitations, I’m restless and jumpy. I know I can beat this so I’m taking deep breaths and trying for stillness in the mind. I keep thinking that I will make a mistake and the crossing guard will pull me over lol aaaaand tomorrow it may be pouring rain. I live in VA so we have some bad storms coming from the hurricane. Even though I don’t think we’ll get it too too bad it will be a tropical storms with heavy wind and rainfall.

If anyone can relate to the fear that something bad will happen, has encouragement for me or something that may help calm my racing mind I would much appriciate it.

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Hello Starrlight :-)

Was just about to log of and saw your post :-)

This anxiety when I look at mine and then read what others have to say about theirs the pattern is always the same with us all and that is anxiety will find some little weakness in us and then play on it till it hopes what started of as a small thought that most will get but let go of as soon as they do but with us we will build it up due to anxiety till it is a full blown scenario and then anxiety wins !

I have had some dreadful fears over the years , personally I don't drive but as a young child I remember as my Mum drove I would fear she would have an accident and not come home , then my kids started driving and the same again and if it is not that fear it will be another one and all due to me maybe been run down and when I am my guard goes down and in sneaks anxiety and I know you have been feeling tired and run down and maybe anxiety is doing exactly the same to you as it does to me , don't let it !

I know easier said than done but if we let it win it will just stay in control

It may seem frightening when you get in that car but take your time , if the thoughts try and sneak in tell yourself these are thoughts and these thoughts are created because I have anxiety and nothing else but I am going to carry on because I need to show my anxiety I am in control and not it !

So deep breaths , get behind that wheel , take it steady , make the journey and when you have give yourself a treat because you will deserve one :-)

I may have made loads of mistakes in this reply as I am tired , but I am sure you will work out what I am trying to say and I hope others will come along and will share their thoughts with you and advice

Let us know how you get on , I have every faith in you :-)

Take Care x

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Perfect. Thank you for taking the time Lulu! I think I shall beat it!

Yes Starr, you will ...It will be difficult with underlying anxiety because of Hurricane Florence (who wouldn't be concerned) but when that's over, we'll all breath easier. Continue to be positive. Prayers...Love you.


Hi Star! Hunny I feel like that everyday driving to my TMS Treatment. At first I had my mom take me. Do you think maybe your husband or someone should drive until you feel comfortable? I don’t want you to get hurt.

Put on your favorite music when you do drive. And I know this is like, so weird, but I like driving when my car is clean. If it’s rid of garbage and looks bad smells nice, I like driving. Do you have Bluetooth? Maybe talk to someone while you drive. You can talk to me if you want! I can give you my number. I honestly thought I was alone on this. I used to love driving and now I panic before I have to go anywhere. Message me if you want to try talking to me while driving. Otherwise, just take it slow and everything will be ok. I love you! ❤️

That’s sweet of you to offer. Love ya!

Love ya too!!

Hey 👋🏽 I’m glad you were able to share your troubles with us but I’m so sad you’re struggling x

I still haven’t learnt to drive because I have such a phobia of driving and dying in a car... even when I’m a passenger I have the most crazy thoughts going through my mind...

Try calming techniques in your car the way we do at home maybe? X 💕

Yes, Hope. I think I will do deep breathing. And I will take water with me to drink. It helps for some reason.

It’s past 1:00 am and I can’t sleep. My mom is going through so much pain with the Alzheimer’s disease and consequently disruptive vocalization and all I can do is try to comfort her which doesn’t seem to help much and pray for her.

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Ooh. Bless you and your mom,Starrlight!!

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Thank you sooo!

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It’s so hard to listen to her sufferings and see her shaking uncontrollably and it’s hard to get through in there to the real mom. We are really loosing her.

Glenda Jean thanks for listening my friend!

I have had the same experience when my anxiety started as I lost my confidence completely, I went fir some REMD, as a state whilst waiting for my CBT, this gave me tools to help me through, still using it now, deep breathing also helps, get someone you trust to drive that route with you, love you amazing lady xxx Ps Sent you my e mail address xxx

Hey Florida! 😊 maybe I can study CBT on my own, could do some good. What is REMD? Love you too! I love that you think I’m amazing 😂 I think you are! Oh thanks for the email address.

It’s the rapid eye movement therapy, takes you out of the “moment” as it were , send me your e mail, I have a link to on line CBT exercises xxxx

Oh right! I’ve tried that long ago I think. Okay thanks.

So I am not taking kiddos to school today as they are still sick. But I’ll have to get mentally prepared to take them tomorrow.

I often get feelings like this. And, because I never want anyone to be hurt, not even my worst enemy. I pray for safety & protection for whoever might be involved until the feeling subsides. & leave it in God’s hands because I can’t control everything & I trust that with His protection the evil thing sent will Passover all those under His covering.

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