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Anxiety after surgery?

I am 23 years old. I have never had any kind of anxiety before. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and had surgery on Feb 2nd. Well on Feb 4th. My life changed and it feels like my world got turned upside down. It was around 2pm. I got up from the sofa. My heart started racing, it felt like I couldn't breath, I got super dizzy and just didn't feel right at all. I called 911 because I was home alone with my 4 year old son and didn't want anything to happen. I got there and they gave me a chest xray thinking I could possibly have a blood clot sense I just had surgery. That came back clear. Over the next couple of weeks nothing got better. I stayed dizzy all day every day and the other symptoms wold come and go. Several er trips and doctor visits later. I had a MRI of my head. 2 CT scans of my head and lots of bloodwork. Everythung was normal. So my question is, why up until my surgery did i never have anxiety, I've been perfectly healthy and this happens? It's been almost 8 weeks and a day hasn't past where I don't feel CONSTANTLY dizzy. 24/7. Being in a busy place or store males ot worse. I feel like my life is gone. I can't be the mom and wife I'm suppose to be anymore. I use to be so happy. Can it really be anxiety afyer surgery or is something more serious going wrong? I mean wouldn't anxiety dizziness go away? Atleast for a little?

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Sorry to hear what you have been through recently , sounds like a very emotional & traumatic time & sometimes when our bodies have been through something traumatic it can trigger anxiety of it is quite common for this to happen but the positive thing is we can get back to where we were with lots of patience with ourselves , people showing us understanding & trying not to fear ( not always easy ) how we feel but accept how we feel knowing it will pass , but we have to give ourselves time & as anxiety feels so awful we can want it to pass straight away which then can cause more worry when it doesn't which creates more fear & anxiety

Be reassured that you seem to have had every test done that relates to how you are feeling so physically you are fine but you need more time to allow yourself to recover from what you have been through said about been a Mum etc & as Mums we think we should be Superwoman sometimes & spring back from anything we have been through but sometimes we need more time kind to yourself & things will improve x


Surgery is traumatic. Your system was overwhelmed and will settle down. A few years ago I had surgery for appendicitis followed by (withing 4 months) surgery for a fractured wrist. I had a stressful time just before the appendectomy. My body and mind had just had enough. it's difficult but try to go on with your life, accept anxiety for now and try not to question why. Your mind needs rest not constant prodding. I too have dizziness every day. Hard to carry out tasks I need to, but I try to rest when I can - not easy with a new baby. I suffered panic attacks and anxiety when I was 18 but it went away for many years. It has come back because I didn't change the way I think and deal with stress. You will recover. x


Hi This advice is for anyone who has had a surgery and all of a sudden is stricken with severe anxiety. If after 6 to 8 weeks you are still overcome with anxiety...PLEASE write down all your other symptoms....rashes, white stuff in nose throat or eyes, vomiting etc..... You may have a staph infection. Please get checked. Never self diagnose.


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