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Living with Anxiety
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To all with anxiety , advise please

To all with anxiety . I myself suffer panic attacks and anxiety and I have to say quit caffeine . The diffrence it makes is unbelievable . My anxiety level used to be 5 daily , 9 on bad days but never below 4 . Now is 1 good days 0 . Still suffer from panic attack but working on this one hard in therapy . I was thinking to consider taking Valium when panic attack come . I never took medicine before , any advise .

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Talk to your Dr. There are other meds out there for only times of panic. I take lorazepam but rarely now, it more sits in my purse as a crutch just incase.

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Thanks , that's all I need . I can cope with the anxiety is the attacks I am worried about . I would like to have something in case I don't want to suffer any more.


Hello there,

What kind of symptoms u had or get? With the anxiety n panic attacks... Since October i been so sick with anxiety


I get all of the psycholgical symptoms and very possible psychical symptom. Typical anxiety . I can cope with the anxiety somehow ans come myself down but I cannot control the panic attacks, they don't happend too often at the moment but still I feel I am dying every time.


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