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Dealing with my anxiety


I’m new to this group but just wanted to say that I have dealt with anxiety for about 8 years now. Felt cured for the last 2 years or so through medication and therapy.

A recent life changing decision occurred where I had to move back to Montana from Denver, find new work, and figure out my living situation. Had to do a 13 hour drive while having anxiety the entire time (probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done).

I’ve now had residual anxiety for 3 days in a row now and feel there is no hope. It’s even more frustrating because I’ve gotten through this before, and even though I have.. I can’t convince myself to not have these scary thoughts, worry, it’ll never pass, I’m alone, random suicide thoughts (even though I would never in a million years go through with it, still scares me that their there).

If anybody out there wants to talk, or express their anxiety issues in anyway. I’m here and would like to see how maybe somebody got through their own issues. Thank you to anybody who read this.

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Welcome to this group. I have recently moved 4 hours from where i used to live and deal with anxiety on a dasily basis. The symptoms are unbearable so i can relate to what you are going through. Here if you eant yo talk.

Jb_Ink in reply to Dorsey

I’ve gotten to moments where I think there is no hope, but know that this too shall pass. I’m on day 4 of it straight so far. It’s physically and mentally impossible for this “anxiety state” we have to be permanent. It will pass, we’ll get through it

Dorsey in reply to Jb_Ink

Hope we can been dealing with it f or 2 years not one day goes by thast i feel well. Lost weight sometimes the look of fgood makes me feel sick tingling feelings. Thinking i have a major illness that's going undiagnosed. Find doctors hopeless

Hi friend, I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety. I am hopeful that you will overcome because you have before. I know that prayer has worked so much for me in the past. Have you tried praying? I am praying for you!

Hi, welcome to this community! We are always here to talk. Have faith in the fact that you have been through this before and that you have equipped yourself with the skills to overcome it once again. I know that it's so frustrating to be in a position where you feel helpless, but there is always hope. It'll pass eventually, some days will be better than others and some days will be easier than others. I hope that there has been no other big problems with your move and that your new home is cosy.

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