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Travelling with health anxiety

Next Friday we will drive back to the UK from Holland for a holiday. This is the first long journey I have made since my anxiety reached a peak in December. During the physical investigation of my anxiety symptoms. they found a 40% blockage in one of my aortas. Now, this hasn't need aggressive treatment, just management (lifestyle changes, statins, aspirin etc). However, whenever I have anxiety it always hits my chest - causing palpitations, adrenaline surges causing racing heart rate etc. I am always very aware of where the nearest hospital is, just in case. This is what is making me anxious about travelling, it's around 8 hours in the car, travelling through Holland/Belgium/France and then from Dover - Shropshire. I can't shake the thought of 'what if I have a heart attack/stroke whilst travelling?' - the chances of this is probably the same as it would be for anyone of you, but it's all consuming at the moment. I have some leftover benzos (oxazepam, diazepam, temazepam), and am wondering if I should take one before leaving to chill me out for the journey. I don't really want to, but I don't want to have a panic attack on the road either!

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Hi & Welcome

Nice to see you :-)

I can understand you fear but as I was reading your post I did think you are covered really more than maybe someone like me as they have found you have problems & put you on all the right medication to protect you :-)

Have you spoken to your GP about your fear ?

Maybe if you haven't they could just give you that little reassurance & if they have given you the all clear to travel then they wouldn't do that if they thought it would put you at risk , would be more than their job was worth !

Personally I would take a diazapam on this occasion , I understand you may not like taking them but you are not abusing them & sometimes we need that little help & when we do they can be a blessing to just take that edge of

Please let us know how you get on & keep talking as it can help knowing people are listening to you & do understand

I hope once you get here you will have a lovely holiday to :-)





Welcome Queenie,

Maybe when you do the trip you could give us a travelog , that would keep your mind off the anxiety of which palpitations is a symptom .

and as whywhy says I don't think your doctor would have allowed you to do the trip if he didn't think you could !

Have a lovely trip back to blighty ,shropshires lovely !




I agree with whywhy, I would take a diazepam to relax you a bit for the journey and have plenty of water and snacks for the journey. Holland is av wonderful place with such lovely people do you'll have as great time. They speak really good English there too, so I'm sure you'll be fine :-)

Jules x


I live in Holland, Jules, for the last 13 years - I HATE it! I would give my right arm to come home to the UK permanently again! It's best not to get me started on the Dutch, 'lovely' is the last word I would use to describe them!!!


I haven't talked to my doctor about it, and the cardiologist is a waste of space. I never had health anxiety before this was diagnosed, and now it consumes me often. I hate it.


Hello Queenie - that's how a lot of us with HA start. We have a 'scare' like your heart problem and it sets off a reaction which festers keeping us worried about health aspects.

Try not to worry and nip it in the bud before HA takes a full hold on you.

If you've been checked out by doctors I'm sure you'll be just fine travelling. Like the others say, maybe take a pill just to help you chill.


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