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Anxiety everyday?

Hey guys, I'm unfortunately living with anxiety and its taking over my life. I'm only 18 yrs old and I have to say I suffered pretty bad when it comes to anxiety. I have to say it all started when I got a bad reaction to a needle last year and I felt so I'll ill and the lypmh nodes in my neck swelled and I thought I had cancer but I got it checked out and the doctor said they'll go away on their own. However now I'm so health conscious its crazy, when I feel sick in the stomach I think some things wrong and then my heart races, I can't breathe properly (which is quite often where I can't inhale all the way but some days are better than others) i also lost my appetite and because it was everyday I was never hungry and I lost weight. I'm just over it all yet I have a friend who gets the same symptoms as me and its reassuring at first yet I still question everything. I just feel like I can't remember a time where I was normal.

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I think so many of us with anxiety can pinpoint the trigger where it started & usually it does relate to something that cause us fear in your case the adverse effect with the needles

Then it starts this pattern of fear which creates the anxiety & our thinking patterns can go from been rational to irrational we lose all sense of reason because the fear engulfs us

You say you question everything which is so typical but I suspect they will always be more negative things you question , it is like once we get anxiety we keep feeding it with all these questions that can continuously take over our thoughts but you can reverse this thought pattern with some practice

Maybe just take each day & tell yourself no matter how I am feeling I am not going to question it , I will do to the best of my ability to ignore it & even if the thoughts just try & slip in your mind push them back out , you could even put an elastic band on your wrist & every time you start questioning how you are feeling give it a little flick to remind you to stop , you never know they do such nice colors in them now a days you may even start if a new fashion trend !

Can you talk to family & friends about how you feel or have you been & spoken to your doctor how this experience has left you full of fear they may be able to support & reassure you

In life unfortunately we may have a reaction to a procedure but in no way does this mean that it will or anything else will happen again especially when you are so young as you are , get some support now & you will leave this fear behind you as an unpleasant experience that caused you some degree of anxiety but did not take over your life which is there waiting for you to enjoy :-) x


Hi , I have the same . My lymp nodes are swollen in my neck for about a year now and I had all the test and the doctor said that 90 % of people have this and is nothing l I also suffer from anxiety and panic attack . You have health anxiety which is very common for people with anxiety . I have been worring about my health all the time for no reason . I cam recomand CBT , i started only few weeks ago and is already working . Also try relaxation and mind fullnes technique . You can find all of this things online. If yo can afford to go into private therapy speak to your doctor to send you for CBT . It really works for 90 % of people and it has great success rate . People are cured from anxiety and panic atatck . Stay positive eat healthy and exercise. It does help. I wish you all the best


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