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Please help mow

Hello everyone please help me calm down im having a bad anxiety attack. My anxiety has been good until now. I noticed a swollen lymphnode behind ear a month ago but didn't really freak out. Well tonight another one showed up on jaw line so i have 2 swollen lymphnodes now. I had my cbc done on monday and my white blood count was 13000. Im so scared its a anyrusm or however you spell it or cancer. Im freaked out so bad please hwlp me calm down please

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So sorry you feel like that.

I too suffer from health anxiety and I'd be in the same state as you.

I don't know what the blood count figure means- sorry.

If your blood test was okay then hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Maybe pop into the doctor just to talk it through.

Probably you have an infection or a cold which can make your lymph nodes swell.

Try and stay calm.

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Hi, I am sure is not cancer . There is so many reasons for swollen lymp nodes, get to your doctor and have it check out . Did you have your thyroid checked ! .? anxiety is an emotion and it start from a thought in your head . So when you start working and thinking the worst that bring out the symptoms of anxiety . You need stop worring so much and do not check any online places for symptoms please this is the worts and it only will make you more anxious , speak to your doctor as you could just have an infection in your body and hence the White blood count. Try relaxation and mindfulness .


Yes dont worry too much about it. Colds flu infection can all cause your lymph nodes to swell. Trust its nothing bad. Im the same i always think the worst of a situation. Hope you stay anxiety free


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