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Living with Anxiety
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Anyone's advice please :(


I'm almost 27 years old and For the past few months I've had heartburn some acid reflux and lots of burping accompanied with nausea. The past week it has gotten so bad it's consuming my life..... I've had one of the hardest years of my life j had a baby last year and have had really bad marital problems and currently we are separated. Anyone please have you felt this constant nausea burping and heartburn??? I'm afraid to take meds my doctor prescribed because of the side effects. I've started on Otc Pepcid today and I hope it helps... My question for anyone is if yall have experienced this because of anxiety? I soemtimes think something is physically wrong. Please help me! I'm so sad!!!!!! I can't feel like this forever!!

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Sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment it sounds like you have been going through a really emotional time

Yes is the answer to people that suffer with anxiety tend to suffer with acid indigestion , I suffer with it to even though with a bit of juggling about I have mostly managed to get it under control but saying that I am suffering with a real flare up at the moment where I feel a burning in my gut as well as my throat & even though I have had this years it still worries me when it comes back again

I took medication from the Doctor for the first 5 years of suffering , I think they may have helped at one stage & I have a med fear but I was in so much discomfort I had to give them a go , I don't believe I had any side effects but after a while I did realize that the obvious when I was more anxious it got worse but also certain foods would flare it up & make it worse , so as I noticed which foods were contributing to the problem I stopped eating them , maybe you could start jotting down if you feel after eating or drinking something that it makes it worse & then see if it improves if you stop them

Drinking plenty of water also helps , some say a glass of cold milk helps which I have tried before & it has helped a little , also I am not sure where you are but have you heard or can you buy something called Manuka Honey 10+ or higher the recommend is best , you can just take it of a teaspoon one to three times a day this is very good for the stomach & something now I use rather than medication from the Doctor

Please try not to stress because anxiety can cause this & if your Doctor does not feel there is any other concern then try & trust them :-)

Maybe you could see how you go over the next few weeks and if you feel no better ask what they can offer in the way of therapy to help with your anxiety & everything you have been going though

Do you have friends & family that you can talk to or give you support , I know we can struggle to ask for help but the more support we can get can only be a bonus :-)

Keep talking to others on the Anxiety Communities you will soon realize you are not alone :-)

Take Care x


Thank you so much for your response I really appreciate it!! what frustrates me is that my diet is Sooo bland and I still am feeling like this! I am desperate and going to have to start taking some medicine to help and I'm so afraid it will not help me and that I'll have heartburn and nausea forever :(. The doctor prescribed me dexilant but a very high dose! Even thr pharmacist said it was too high..... I just need to have hope and faith. Thanks for the advice tigger! Do you by chance remember the medicine your doctor prescribed ?



Yes mine was called Alverine Citrate maybe the spelling is wrong and Lonzsaperol again I do not think I have that right with the spelling :-/

Anxiety can make us so negative so we always tend to see doom & gloom but maybe try thinking these could actually make you feel so much better ?

Are you eating enough and at regular times as this can be something else that can make this worse

Maybe try taking them for a week or two just a day at a time telling yourself it is not forever and see how you feel then , if you needed to go back you could at least say confidently that you tried them :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x


Thanks!! Yeah, I spoke to a pharmacist and she said nexium should help... I hope it does! I hate having anxiety!


Try & stay positive & fingers crossed it helps :-) x

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Yes, anxiety causes that. I'm your age and going through similar things and it has totally brought the anxiety and panic attacks back. In fact, I'm experiencing the burning stomach, burping and nausea now. When your anxiety eases, your tummy will as well. :)

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What do you take when you're experiencing these symptoms?


Thanks!! I appreciate it


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