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Anxiety panic feelings

Good morning,

I haven't posted in a while.. But any would would be great. I am on prozac for four to 5 years now, recently I turned 38 and it's been anxiety like crazy since. Even klonopin isn't helping, I started to work out and then I do feel better, but today I woke up again and feel that panicky feeling.. Work is a bit stressful bec I new and the people are not very helpful with training maybe that's why I am also single and its bothered me forever like I'm not successful just being me. I need to change I just don't follow advise it's so hard. I need to love myself before anyone will love me, any advise would be appreciated. I know medicine isn't the cure all the time, I'm going to see a social worker on Monday,

Thanks all.

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Medication might not always be the answer but it can help so many with anxiety but sometimes even though something has worked for a while it can need adjusting as it can sometimes after a lengthy period of time start have the reverse affect , have you spoken to your doctor about your medication , it may be time to have a review

It sounds like you have a lot of the answers for instance the work environment you are in at the the moment escalating your anxiety issues is something that affects a lot of people with anxiety we tend not to adapt to change very well & especially if the people around us are not very sociable which sounds like you are having a problem with

Also it is so true to learn to love yourself before others can love you or you can truly give love is something again with low self esteem we find difficult to do but until we do relationships also can be a struggle ..maybe start each day by just telling yourself you are ok despite any issues or been the best person you can each day despite your issues & giving yourself some praise for making that effort would be somewhere to start , takes time but if you can start some where into believing in yourself the rest will slowly follow

Maybe make a list & deal with one thing at a time , which is the biggest issue for you at the moment , if it be sorting your meds , learning to love yourself , your work situation or anything else , put them down in order of priority & instead of dealing with everything at once start with one at a time till you are ready to move on , hopefully your social worker will be able to help & support you with this ...Take Care x

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Thank you!!


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