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Clammy Feelings

Hi only me again. I've been suffering for a few weeks again and now I am not focusing on my heart but I feel clammy now. It's not hot here but I feel all clammy and cold, it's such a pain. I am guessing this is a new feeling I am coping with, does anyone feel this way? I am hoping it goes away before I go to London on Friday for my 35th birthday on Sunday

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Sounds like you may have some Health Anxiety as when we do we move from one symptom to another

We also are very tuned into what are bodies are doing and soon notice any changes

I go from hot to cold and it is not because of the weather but I think it can either be hormones , anxiety or just our bodies adjusting to the temperature it want's to be at

Maybe as you have this trip you are so looking forward to there could be a little part of you feeling anxious that you won't be fit and well for it and that could be a cause for this to

Have a lovely Birthday and I hope you enjoy yourself , I am sure you will be fine :-) x


Hi Bounce I do have health anxiety too and hate it. I know I am fine but it's like it won't leave me alone or my mind won't stop messing with me. I know I will have a fun weekend :)



I know that is what it likes to do as it keeps control of us that way

Try and let it know that you are going away for a few days and there is no room in your case to take it with you :-/

Happy Birthday again for Sunday :-) x


If I could fit you into my bags to London I would hehe. I've got a 4 hour bus ride from 1pm today which mean sleeping and lots of it. I am all packed (well apart from my laptop) so I am looking forward to it and turning 35 as well, even if I am getting older lol


Oh you are still young :-)

Sounds like a long journey but a lovely time waiting for you once you get there ....Enjoy :-) x


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