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Late night anxiety

I don't know if most people are awake since most are from the UK.

But it'd 1:24am here in my part of the US...

I'm having really bad anxiety and heartburn and it's all just making me so sick and preventing me from sleeping. My anxiety is mainly about sleeping.

I feel scared, nervous, like I didn't do enough today, like there isn't enough time to do anything I can do, like tomorrow could be gone and I don't want it to be.

I'm afraid..

I don't want to be afraid anymore, I don't want to hurt anymore, I want to be able to sleep and be happy and not feel sick.

But I don't know what to do.

I've tried crying, praying even though I'm really lacking in understanding what I believe in, I've talked to the walls, to myself... breathing...

It all doesn't seem to be working.

I just don't feel like myself anymore.

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Hi Michelle sounds like anxiety. Have you someone you can talk to in

Your near friends or family, that can help. Try and write down your biggest worry

Or fear and then try and leave it there, that can help plus deep breaths. Worry

Is unpleasant but gets us nowhere fast.

Listen to music or read is good too. Hope you get over this soon.

Hannah x


morning 1dmichelle

Its just gone 8 in the morning here in UK.

have you spoken to your doctor about how you are feeling? Sometimes this is the first port of call to get yourself checked out for any physical symptom's that might be keeping you awake and making your anxiety worse.

How about writing down what you have to do in the week and prioritise the things you have to do to the ones that are not so important. This way you can see what you have done and things won't seem so overwhelming when it is time for sleep.

Also I have heard other say writing a journal at night can help empty your mind of all the days thoughts, you can write anything you like about the day, just get it out of your head at night and close the book when you have finished.

Keep talking on here and we will all do are best in supporting you Okay?

gardener x


Thank you. I've been through sleep tests and such my doctors aren't very helpful and the last therapist I didn't like. I'm in the middle if looking for a new doctor so I can talk to her about everything.


Lets us know how you get on with new doctor.

And if one therapist was no good, don't give up you need one who you can click with.

gardener x



Sorry didn't see this any earlier, I hope you got some sleep, just wanted to let you know I've read you're post and were here to talk if you need it xx


Thank you! I talked to you on a post on my other account (I'm afraid of storms ) my other account isn't working for some reason. Thanks for reading. It means a lot


Oh yeah, sorry completely didn't realise! Not a problem hope you're feeling better xx

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Hello. I hope you were able to get some rest. Have you tried meditation, it's really helped me and many other here. Headspace is a great place to start if you haven't tried it before. I've also changed my eating habits to help me with the heartburn feeling. Try not eating so late and avoid spicy foods late in the evening. I can relate to the feeling of feeling like there is not enough time, I constantly worry about that. But we have to live in the here and now and try and not think too much about the past and future. I hope you are able to get your doctor situated. Wishing you some peace on this day.


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