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Hi all

Not been on for a long time forgot my password but got a new account now...been feeling really gd for such a long time and the last couple of weeks iv been feeling anxious and low I dud have a bug witch didn't help I just hope it starts to go soon I'm so tired all the time I go to bed at 9:00 and I'm asleep before 10 yet wen I wake at 7 still feel tired and been getting pains in chest now and then and also feel like I'm sighing all the time funny breathing yet wen I busy I don't get the bad chest or breathing thing...I don't Mind the odd bad days just hate it wen it lasts awhile just feel a bit low but hopefully will have a gd weekend and chilled one to...hope everyone is all gd and has a gd weekend to x

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I am relatively new on here & I have been browsing & seems a lot that were very active may have left this site , however I know there are a lot of virus's going about & I am the same when I don't feel well it always sends my anxiety up to !

Hope you feel better soon x


This used to be a very active and vibrant site but sadly a fair number of helpful posters left which made a big hole in the place.

Can but hope it'll get busy again.


Yes is a bit quiet now then wen I was on here awhile ago it's a shame was very useful to me talking to people and getting gd comments bk really helped x


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