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hi all was talking to someone who reckoned that long term stomach indegestion can cause problems (cancer ) ! ive been on omeprazole for long term anxiety related indegestion i got really worried after hearing this is there any thing or things i should be worried about or am i just being over sensitive ! any sensible comments about this would be welcomed !p.s i dont have indegestion all the time mostly when my anxiety is bad ! thanks in advance

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Indigestion is a very common among people that suffer with anxiety , I have suffered with it for 20 years now , sometimes worse than others & that is normally when my anxiety is at it's worse

I think when we have anxiety we are very sensitive to most comments & as long as you have been to your GP & they are happy & have no concerns then I would try & cast the comment from my mind as there is always something we can read or hear that maybe has been researched & we will believe that could happen to us because that is how anxiety works

As soon as someone starts to either tell me something or I start to read something or maybe the TV is on & I know the subject will upset me , I switch the TV over , stop reading or ask the person if we can change the subject please !

I am sure you will be fine :-) x


Thats not really true if yours come from anxiety it can be treated


Hello nicki

It is true for me ...and if you read what I have put I do say I have better times now than I used to because I have had different things to help , but if there are really bad times then it does flare up again which I have found if your anxiety affects your indigestion system this to can also be true or at least it is for me , as we are all individuals on how this affects us

Sounds like you must have suffered with this problem yourself & now you don't as you feel treatments do cure this , it would be nice if you shared what has worked for you as we all speak from our own experience in hope it may help someone else but really pleased you have found something that has worked for you x


I goin thru issue right now wit my stomach my anxiety dont make it no better then I just found out my bp med makes it hard for my throat to heal so now I have to change my bp med the anxiety I deal wit on my own witout meds


Hi. My father has had anxiety related stomach problems all his life. He used to suffer terrible pain from indigestion, as I remember. He is 94 now. No issues with stomach cancer. I have never heard the 2 related. Hope this gives you some reassurance.


Hi Celtic,

A very good friend of mine recommends Manuka honey for anxiety related indigestion.

I believe she suggested a teaspoon 2 or3 times a day until you feel better then once a day.

i'm not suggesting you stop any medication your doctor has advised, but it may be worth a try and can do little harm.

Incidentally I have heard no reports about the problems you have mentioned and my mother was on this medication for some time.

Hope you are keeping well



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thanks for your reply thompson it must be just me i know sometimes meds can affect people differently ! i like this group because youre getting advice from people who have the experience of the meds or condition you want know about ! take care thompson thanks david


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