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Hi everyone again .sorry be a pain .. I wondering any one get like me wake up scared nerves belly every day .. can shake all day long .. feel losing your mind .... dizzy . Feel sick ... do try breathing .. just zombie well how feel not with half time :( now suffer bad anxiety .. can't take any pills this so am coping alone with it .. any one give advice please be great as long feel so hot face all time like got tingles in body xxxxx thank you so much any one help ...... numb xxx (jill))

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Yup. Overcame dizziness and the losing mind feeling. I still have it but I do not waste as much, if any, time worrying over it anymore. i still get flushed face but that is normal.

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Thanks llovebooks replying xxx


Feel free to message me if you want some tips on how to get rid of dizziness, though mine was mostly light headedness.


Thanks kind you xx love books



Anxiety can give us so many physical symptoms including the one's you have listed , then this creates more anxiety as we really believe there is something physically wrong creating fear & feeding the anxiety & the symptoms get worse till we are in a viscous circle

Have you been checked out by your doctor ?

If so & they have given you the all clear the first thing is acceptance that you are suffering with anxiety & everything you are feeling is quite normal for what you are suffering with , if you can keep telling yourself this the fear will lessen & the symptoms you are feeling will also do the same

Keep a diary & see as you fill it in if you are worrying or more anxious when you are feeling this way , sometimes we can see a pattern when it is written down which can help

Lot's of people do or cannot take meds , have you tried counselling ?

If you can speak to a doctor & ask other than meds what other kind of treatments could they offer you , I am not sure if you are in the UK but if so there is so much out there to help x


Thank you yes ture panic more said getting over flu have ear infection to moment. . But get so worried s

Sceaced that will lose my mind as like say mind takes ovet make things worse tigger .. then conice self end metel hospital .. yes doc nows had amblu ppl out Thursday as had chest pains things all fine hun just me making self belive ill be ok xxx thanks help xx


Hello again

Sounds like you have & are still getting over some kind of virus & people that suffer with anxiety normally are not very good when we are ill as we worry so much which then hinders the healing process of whatever we are suffering with

I am sure if your Doctor is satisfied there is nothing seriously wrong they will be right , you need to rest & try & be kind to yourself while you are feeling poorly & hopefully when you feel better you will feel stronger to deal with your thoughts , meanwhile every negative thought you have try & cast it back out of your mind with a positive one x


Thank you tigger nice chat someone caring so greatful yes gad flu see 2 weeks now ears infections so still sat getting over this yes ture worry more hun xxx


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