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Boy have I felt fantastic lately

I went through a stage a couple of months ago where I thought, this is it.....Im not going to wake up in the morning. For six weeks day and night, continuously I felt my heart beating twice as fast in my throat......nothing new going on in my life so I don't understand why I had HUGE Panic attacks non stop for the six weeks. It seems about once a year I have this then it dies down to the odd Panic attack every so often. All of a sudden they have almost stopped. Yes I still take Lorazapran and will not stop just in case. But the body amazes me.....why did I go through all of that considering my life hasn't changed, nothing drastic was going I have a mild panic attack occasionally. Beats me...but Im not complaining. But I have to say...those six weeks were the scariest six weeks of my life...i could have jumped of the balcony a zillion times. I could have spent my days just sitting in a hospital so I could talk to a doctor at the drop of a hat. Now Im about to Panic again but for a reason....I have two Lorazapran left, living in Bangkok and can only get the medication in a hospital which Im going to have to go to tomorrow or else Im done.......I like to be prepared as the girl guides say......and have a stack of Lorazapran so if a panic attack does come on I can take that extra half a pill if needs be...and also....Im hooked on the stuff. Only one pill a day but Im hooked. Anyway enough raving on.....I hope others experience months of wellness such as I am at the moment.............

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That's great to hear, glad you're managing your anxiety well at the moment. I'm sure if you did decide to come off your tablets in the future, your doctor will help you cut down in a manageable way. In the meantime, congratulations! xx


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