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in a and e with depression not a good experience

been coming on for a while was feeling suicidal so I called 111 they said I needed an am abulance to speak to a cpn at Salford royal hospital. would have been happier if they could send one to my home but it is not the way they work. I was quite lucky the people were very nice was dying for a drink but could not get one as I had no money, nobody to ask for a cup of tea.i was sat on a chair for 1 and a half hours and kept asking for a cpn, finally go a doctor to see me, she was really kind and spoke to me for a while then offered to send me home with no back up,i was still feeling suicidal an d felt unsafe going home, there was a follow up the next morning I got a call from the cmht and they had nothing to had, still hoping to see a cpn but apparently you have to be under the home treatment time,and I am wondering how I can get a cpn.

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Sounds like you weren't taken seriously, how are you now? I realy hope you feel better.

I'm not really sure how you can get help but this is how it should be:-

1/ go and see you Dr..................he/she then refer to a mental health team near you for an assessment. From this assessment they (the mental health team) will decide as to whether you fit their criteria for services, so make sure you tell them exactly how you feel.

2/ you could refer yourself to the mental health team, just write to them telling them exactly how you feel

Have you tried Mind? Depression Alliance? etc

When you go to the Dr's or anywhere, pick up leaflets, ur Dr's should have loads, the library also, anywhere realy, you can get some good websites from these leaflets and this will get you in the know about different services.

Be prepared to wait though, if they cant see you're suffering like with a broken limb it seems they take forever, keep ringing them, witing to them, if need be see you MP they will help you.

I wish you all the best and come back give us an update of things or just to say hi.

Speak again soon bye for now.



Sorry about your experience it sucks that there wasnt support there for your suciadl feelings. I just want to mention this new support for people who are suffering crises during the night; such as anxiety or suicidal thoughts instead of ending up in a unsuitable services, such as A&E. The project launched recently and it's called The Sanctuary in Moss Side. Hope this info may be useful to you in the future.

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