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FAQ What happens if I breach any of the LWLD and/or HU guidelines?


Welcome to Living with Lyme Disease ! :)

The guidelines of this site are here to benefit all users and promote a supportive environment for all. Therefore any breach of Terms of Use, HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines and/or LWLD guidelines may result in the following:

*Gentle reminder of the guidelines either to all the community or via private message to an individual member.

*Removal of the post or an edit & then you'll receive a private message about the breach, information about the guideline and a gentle reminder to read the guidelines to refresh your memory.

*After recent messages from Admin, you may receive a private message informing you that any further actions which breach guidelines you are likely to be restricted from the community.

*Temporary or permanent restriction from the community

*If a breach is considered severe therefore noted to be highly inappropriate and needs urgent action, members are likely to receive an immediate permanent restriction.

*If members have been spamming, trolling or another serious breach over multiple HealthUnlocked (HU) communities then HU are highly likely to take further action to permanently ban the member from all HU sites. For more information see this link


Community Admin have the ability to turn off replies to posts, to find about possible reasons for 'Turning off replies' please see link below;


Please note: Moderators reserve the right to restrict a member's account or have a member removed from the community without notice.

LWLD Guidelines & HU Terms of Use can be found via link below;


Community Admin are there to help guide you to post in the community appropriately and may on occasion remind you of the guidelines if they feel it is necessary to do so to encourage the best possible community atmosphere

For more information about Community Admin, HealthUnlocked has the following article in their 'Help' section called 'The role of the Community Administrator', please see link below;


What can you do to help keep the community a supportive, non judgemental environment?

We would like to encourage all members to report any breach of guidelines they see within the community by using the report facility.

What should you report?


If you need to report a post, please follow the link below for more information;


What do I do if another member is being abusive in posts, messages and comments?

If you need help to deal with abuse on the HU site or via private message, please see link below;


Hope this helps

LWLD Community Admin Team :)

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Posted: Sept 2018

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