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FAQ How do I lock my posts so only members of this community can read them?

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Welcome to Living with Lyme Disease UK! :)

This is a very common question and it is very important to know how to lock your posts should you wish to. HU describe the options available below;

Everyone means that the post/question, as well as the replies to it, can be seen by users who are not members of that community as well as visitors who do not have HealthUnlocked accounts.

Community means that the visibility of the post/question is strictly limited to just the title, and the first 247 characters for anyone who is just a visitor (whether they are HealthUnlocked members or not).

Please see the link below for a demonstration about how to lock posts from the HU 'Help' section;


Please Note: Any post that is not locked to the community may be shared via Facebook, Twitter and may also be found on an internet search

If would like to know how to use a certain function/facility within the community, HU have a very helpful help centre as most of the articles include demonstrations too. To find the 'Help' section, please look at the White bar at the top of the site and it can be found to the right of the Bell (notifications symbol).

The direct link to the 'help' centre can also be found here to read more about privacy & security plus how to navigate the community;


If you need any further assistance, please using the private message facility to contact an Admin within the FMA UK community. Please see links below on how to do this;

How to find the Admin for each community


How to use the Private Message Facility


Hope this helps

LWLD Admin Team :)

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