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My daughter is doing well. Thanks for your blessings


Dear all ...

Here is update regarding my daughter . As you all know , in Nov,16.. her hematologist made her stopped all medications after gradually tapering her steroid doses from Aug .. when she was diagnosed with ITP at 4000 count and got IVIG infusion.

In Dec ,We took her to Gayatri Institute , Kerala and put her under ayurvedic treatment of Dr.Vidyasagar . For 3 months .. count was constantly 10 k. But after 3 months .. in April her count was 40,000 . All side effects of steroids gone . She is back to her normal confident self being . Medications is continued and as Dr. Vidyasagar has given us assurance that within 3 years she will be free of ITP forever . Fingers are crossed . Her next blood test is surely due in July last

Thanks for your blessing and encouragement in our journey . Wishing all my friends here a fast forever recovery from ITP.

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That's great!! Is it possible to share what kind of medications she is receiving?

Its all hand made ayurvedic medications that she is taking . So no clue .

Thats so great can you please share the medication

i am at Pakistan how i can contact with Dr. Vidyasagar

The phone number is +914942460737

All the best

Thx. Ayurvedic medication is there which is specially prepared by Dr. Vidyasagaran. He run Gayatri ayurvedic institute at Kerala.

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