Drop in platelet count

Hi my daughter has had itp since 2012. She had lived quite safely on a very good count due to taking mycophenolate and eltrombopag. Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks her count has been dropping significantly and she has now been re-admitted to hospital for immunoglobulin infusions as her count is now at 19. has anyone else experienced a dramatic drop after a few years of safe platelets and I wonder now if her meds have stopped working 😞😒

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  • Has your daughter had an infection at all recently? Itp as with myself can go away a couple of years or more and then suddenly return if I get a virus or an infection. The first drug you mention they want to try on me so I know it is an immunosuppressant that can leave us vulnerable to picking up infections!

  • Hi she hasn't had any infection lately in fact been very healthy apart from being tired. She has been under a bit of stress lately and I wonder if perhaps this could have triggered something , but as we know there is no known cause for itp

  • Hi if you read up on chronic stress/Itp its a possible factor, It's the only thing I can put mine down too been thru 18months of stress then itp appears!!!

    Hope your daughter starts to feel better soon, bless her


  • Thanks will do . I really feel stress is a factor as when she was diagnosed 3 years ago at that time she was under a lot of stress and it's strange that now due to similar circumstances she has started to drop again

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