Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) powder

Has someone tried any medicinal herb in ITP? I have started using Giloya for my daughter with a hope to increase the count.. I was always giving my 5 years old daughter papaya leaf juice, but the platelet count seems to be too low.. She was detected four months back in May with a count of 5k. Now it is near to 50k. The Doc just gave her IVIG for one day and since then she has been only on observation and no real medicines. Any idea what best can be done for her?

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  • Her count decreases if she gets some viral infection like cold and cough... She takes some vitamin syrup and small chocolate like vitamin tablet on daily basis as of now.. No bruises though since last three months now..

  • Greetings Rajesh. I tried the papaya leaf extract, which is different than the juice, it is pure extract. I did not have any success with it raising my platelets. I had read where people had great success with it, but everyone reacts differently to it I guess. If you buy the extract, it is sold online at different sites, it is very bitter. I hope your little girl's platelets stay reasonable after the IVIG.

  • u r on the right track....u can give her kiwi as well.....

  • give her green leafy vegetables.....

  • I give her kiwi as well as dragon fruits alternatively... hope that the current count increases.. She caught a cold again yesterday.. :-(

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