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Can a parent who has to give up work because their child has ITP claim any benefits?


I have been diagnosed with ITP for about 6 years and I cope well with it. As an adult I know what to expect & have a sympathetic employer with regards to hospital appointments.

I have recently found out that my friends daughter (aged 9 months) has been diagnosed with ITP (platelet level 5). The nursery she goes to has told my friend that they are not equiped to deal with ITP therefor can not go there anymore. As my friend worked part time, she has had to give up her job. With the doctors & hospital appointments they have to attend she finds it hard financially (she lives in Lancaster & travels to Preston regularly), are there any benefits she can claim until he platelet count is raised?

My friend is fit & able to work but her daughter is her priority, she has approached 2 other nursaries who have told her "it's a grey area".

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

Lynnek x

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This is very distresing for Mum and our sympathies are with her. I am sure the citizens advice bureau will be able to offer guidanace on the benefits that may or may nor be available and the hospital on any financial assistance with travel. As to the nurseries and their liability, I think this will depend on each individual case and nursery. It is of course a concern but your friend may like to obtain some pamphlets from the itp support group relative to infants and I am sure the hopsital will be able to also provide some guidance. Let us all hope that the infants count reverts to an acceptable level before too long.

Lynnek in reply to sailor

Thank you - I have passed this on x

I am not sure if you can claim a "carers allowance" for a child so young but I got the following information from the for your friend - it is an organisation called Carers UK , 20 Great Dover Street London SE1 4LX Phone 0808 808 7777


020 7378 4999 Fax 020 7378 9781 Email address Website ) Opening Hours Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 am to 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Perhaps they could advise you.



Lynnek in reply to mags4743

Thank you - I have passed this on x

I also am not sure if you can claim Carer's allowance for such a young child but another useful source of help is Princess Royal Trust for Carers' Centre if there is one nearby you can check on the internet. There will be a lot of support for the parent and also advise and they maybe able to find other sources of funding for the short term. Hope the babies platelet count improves soon it must be very worrying. Best wishes

Lynnek in reply to Val-ann

Thank you. Hopefully it will be short term & everything can get back to normal x


Does your friend claim Tax Credits i.e. working tax credit - a top up available if her partner works and child tax credits - see HM Revenue & Customs website.

Best wishes

Lynnek in reply to Morgan

I have passed this on & she is going to look into it x

Lynnek in reply to Lynnek

Thank you x

Hi the child can apply for disability benefit in their own right. She would more thank likely be accepted as she is so young and needs constant support observation to prevent injury. Then the mother can claim carers allowance for herself. My daughter got this at 8 months due to allergy problems. Hope this helps.

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