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21 months old baby having ITP need advise urgently

Hi Everyone,

My 21 months old baby recently diagnosed with ITP . his platelet count gone down to 9000 and he started getting bruises and red dots over his face. we went to doctor and they confirm it is itp and asked us to take bone marrow test which came out clean. they gave him three doses of IVIG and his platelet count goes down to 4000 and they gave him steroids and his platelet count increase to 12000 and we took discharged from the hospital. after a week we again did the blood test and again his platelet count down to 4000, we again went to hospital and they gave Anti D after his next platelet count his number was 17000, right now he is on Prednisolone 3 ml twice a day. Please suggest should i stop giving him medicine considering the side effect of the medicine. I am very sacred and confused. I just want my baby to get well and happy soon.

Please help and advise

Nabila Aman

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Hello Nabila,

Firstly, I am truly sorry to read about your baby and the anguish this is causing. Please take courage.

I do not know much about such babies but, often in young children ITP tends to be temporary and heals itself.

Reading your post, it seems that your baby is receiving appropriate treatments but perhaps you may have a word with the specialist nurse, if only to reassure you.

I do not know where you are but if you are not satisfied, perhaps you may seek an alternative view from a different haematologist in a different hospital/clinic.

Very best wishes.



Hello dear,

you are not alone in this case .My son started having chronic ITP at the age of 18 months,dont panic if your child has no active bleeding it can be managed.take the treatment as it may work for him n raise the count.I know side effects r there but wait n see for a while.I hope he recovers but my son has been living with count around 10 for 5 to 6 years.Al u cn do is take safety measures n folow the doctor.D ont worry too much sometimes these kids ve to live with it n stillthey will be stable.My son goes to school n his teachers cooperate with me.Wat does the bone marrow say? U didnt mention...best wishes..

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Thanks , this a big relief after reading ur reply. Bone marrow came out clean. I m thinking if I should switch to Ayurveda medicine.





i dont know much about . but i have itp too, i tried each n every medicine but no affects on platelets . so i stopped because i have no active bleeding. yea i do have spots n bruises .

Yes dont worry too much . Just take care of ur children ., n try to use green food as much u can. stop giving too much medicine if it has no affect. Because medicine side effects are more adverse than disease it self.

ITP is not dangerous if u r asymptomatic . like bleeding is the major risk, just take care if any it bleeds.

n yeah u can try different haemopathic or natural medicine

GOD bless ur child.

have faith n let it be

take care


I do agree with AWSAR


I am really happy for you. My 14 year old brother was diagnosed with Itp in 17. October . 2017. We are really worried about him. Nr of platelets last three weeks was 34 and now is 15. What is the best medicine to use? The doctors here prescribed today amp. Immunoglobulins, which are really expensive in our country. We dont know if we have to use this therapy or to drink some natural teas ? This tea was really helpful for some other kids and their nr of platelets is stable now. Best wishes for you.


Be sure and check out the excellent information for pediatric ITP at pdsa.org in the USA and ITP Support Association in the U.K. Have courage!


I would stick with the doctors advice, as your baby is only young. Dont worry prednisolone it is one of the drugs with least side effects, and your baby is on low dosage. Good luck I hope your baby gets better.

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