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Dear sir

My name is Shilpi and I am from India. I have a son whose age is 6.6 years. Recently on 13th June I observed redish and blackish spots over his hands and legs. I took child specialist on 17th June to show these spots and he asked us for cbp done. In cbp report we found that his platelet were reduced to 13000. Doctors said that he has itp and ask us to admit him immediately because any time internal bleeding can happen. I admitted him to the hospital next day I. e. 18th June cbp was done again and this time his platelet count was 15000. He was given ivig treatment with 5g with five bottles dose. On 20 th June again cbp was done and this time his platelets raised to 1.61 lakes. On 21st June again cbp was done and platelets were 2.17 lakes.. He was discharged from the hospital from that day. Doctor have ask us to cbp done every week. I am very scared as some people nd website says itp is curable and some say it is not. Please advice me what should I do. Whom to consult and what treatment to give him. He is healthy like normal children. All tests are normal. Please advise

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I'm an adult with ITP but I can give you reassurance about your son. The things you have read about ITP being incurable relate to adults who develop ITP, not children. When children have ITP they almost always recover from it completely. It's a great worry for a parent but the important thing is that he is being monitored on a regular basis and the doctors will intervene if he needs any treatment to keep him safe. It's very likely that eventually he will recover and this time will just be a bad memory. Good luck.

Hello Shilpy,

ITP in adult is incurable whereas children do recover from it. So try not to worry too much. The best thing you can do is to ensure that your son is checked on a regular basis by a haematologist.

Best Wishes.



There is NO CURE for ITP at all . BUT ITP in children usually clears up quite quickly in most cases without any treatment at all. The following link is to an article which I am sure will explain quite a lot about ITP in

Most children recover from ITP within 3 to 6 months albeit some cases can last longer and be more complex.


Shilpid as you are In India you may wish to contact the following for local ITP advice/thoughts/

Hope this is useful and best wishes


He will be fine,make sure you give hime lots of fresh fruit and green smoothies.let him lead a normal life.

Itp in children can b cure. Just you to take care of bleeding and regular cbc after a month and give him more green food and monitor his body . Nothing to be worry by spots and bruises.

Thanks to you all for your positive comments. Cbp was done again for my son and this time platelets count were 2.73 lacs. My son is called next month for Cbp now. I am in tension as I have heard that ivig treatment effect last only for 2 to 3 weeks and after that platelets are reduced again. Please help what to do if it gets reduced again. And also suggest best specialized doctor who can treat this in India.

Hi Shilpi .. as other group members are suggesting you rightly .. in Kids its definitely curable . Have faith .

Thanks for your consideration

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