Does Flu and Colds makes the platelet count drops to low level?

My child was confined 2 weeks ago and he received IvIg for 1 day and Solumedrol 870mg for 3 days and no medication at home.....after a week his platelet went up to 359k and after a week again his platelet went low to 29.6k without any petechiae, hematoma and bleeding. ( my son is a bleeder his bleeding point is 10k and he bleeds a lot thru his nose)....he has flu and there a possibility that his platelet went up again after this flu and son was diagnosed with itp last 2015 and from then it was a roller coster ride...

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  • Hi, here's what happens to me: My count always drops when I have a cold. IVIG usually gives a boost followed by a dropping off afterwards.

  • Hi JasonJ, His hemo told us that he will change his management, after the last confinement and infusion of ivig and solumedrol his management would be base on bleeding... im so scared as i dont want to see my son bleed a lot, putting nasal pack is his traumatic you have any maintenance drug?

  • Not anymore, I had my spleen removed, but it still took me a year to taper off steroids though. My count is still not super high, but much better than before the op, although a bit unstable!

  • Reply takes so long...we are here in the hospital, another hemo told us that we should try simon is on rituxan, he finished his first round and another 3 more rounds...we went to new hospital and new hematologist...praying that everything is gonna be okay..

  • I also tried Rituxan, but no effect I am sad to say.

    For some people it works really well though, good luck to your son! :)

  • Almost 2 months after last infusion..nothing has change...platelet drop to 7k but good thing he doesn't bleed, they gave rituxan another month if it will work for him but if not..their next option is splenectomy...did you read before about indium platelet label scan? Thanks for always answering my questions.. God bless

  • Yes I know about the Indium scan, it's not available where I live though.

    I accepted the splenectomy as it was better than taking more and more drugs to try and counter the ITP. It did work although not 100%

  • We are leaving here in Saudi Arabia but originally from the PH. As ive read only in UK has it...thanks so much...we will keep on praying...

  • May i know ur count as of this time?

  • Last week I was measured at 70, before that, 2 months ago it was about the same.

    It has helped more than any medicine so far!

  • Yes , every time . And everything in fly . I come home with an infection.m

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