ITP recurred after five years: 2nd round of Rituximab Or Homeopath Or Anything else??

Hello everyone!

My father (61 yrs old from Chhattisgarh, India) was diagnosed with ITP five years ago. His platelet counts went down to 7000. And then he was treated with the regular course of Rituximab at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. Since then his platelet counts were hanging around 30-40K. But since past a month, his counts started decreasing again and today it came down to 9000. But there are no symptoms whatsoever like what he had shown five years ago. No bleeding, no bruises, nothing. He is in regular consultation with a hematologist at Raipur. She is advising to repeat the same Rituximab course and is saying there's no need of Splenectomy.

I am kind of confused though and have couple of queries:

#1 Can we try homeopathic treatment which would go parallel with our regular Allopathic treatment?

#2 If yes, can anyone please suggest the best homeopathic clinic/doctors in & around Delhi NCR?

#3 Shall we go for the second round of Rituximab or do we need to seek advice from other hematologists as well before starting any treatment? If yes, can anyone again please suggest the best hematologist in Delhi NCR.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Reading your post but being in the UK I can only suggest that if Rituximab worked for your father before then another round of Rituximab would make sense?

  • My advice is to work to the symptoms. If your father is not bleeding or bruising then he is lucky and perhaps can lead a reasonably normal life with a low blood count. I would not try alternative medicine without guidance from your consultant. Nicky

  • I would say if Rituximab worked for him before a second treatment would most likely send him into remission again. That is what usually happens. There is no cure for this and for him to get 5 years of remission is awesome. I would do it again.

  • I understand if Rituxi worked well for your father, then you should go for it again. Regarding homeopathic treatment, I am not sure if there is something around Delhi/NCR. But I got to know one of the institute in Kerala that claim to treat ITP with Ayurveda. You can get more information on this from their website - gayathriayurvedicinstitute....

  • Hi which place you lived in raipur, hospital and doctor name in raipur this time you treat tell me

  • You treat homeopathy in raipur. Doctor name

  • Sorry to hear that , i had itp and I had to have blood plasma but I've been in remission for 3 years now hope everything goes good

  • I will pray for you

  • I m under homeopathic treatment for Itp since one yr. My platelates are at 41000. Contact dr Rajput in sector 17 Gurgaon

  • Contact me at 9449321600

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